Revealing Mr. Maugham

Revealing Mr. Maugham

Documentary film on the life and work of author W. Somerset Maugham. His life and work discussed by writers such as Armistead Maupin and Alexander McCall-Smith and experts such as Selina Hastings.

Documentary film on the life and work of author W. Somerset Maugham. His life and work discussed by writers such as Armistead Maupin and Alexander McCall-Smith and experts such as Selina Hastings. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Revealing Mr. Maugham torrent reviews

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Joey T (gb) wrote: Bigger Than Life is far more than a tale of a man turned insane by drugs. Rather, Bigger Than Life is an amazing, often times disturbing critique of social class, conformity, and traditional roles in America. Bigger Than Life is an underrated masterpiece. It's a film that is not only powerful in the context of its release, but it is one that remains every bit as powerful today because its themes, sadly, still remain relevant. This is a movie that everyone should see.

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Brett B (mx) wrote: Shanley's script, while often quite funny, doesn't really come together as a cohesive effort (and the humor does clash with the story's more melodramatic elements), but Foster and Turturro are very good, and the film's cinematography captures the time period well.