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A Cult of devil-worshippers prey on students for human sacrifice

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Users reviews

Alexander Z (es)

This was incompetent on every level

Anna G (br)

i liked the way memory was conveyed. it was pretty well filmed

Christopher B (br)

Stopped watching, was close to the end. Painfully dull

Dylan D (kr)

With a strong story that ties the previous films together and leaves viewers with a more uplifting and hopeful ending than those concluding the previous films, Battle proudly stands tall as a fine entry in and a fitting conclusion to the series. While the series witnessed several peaks and valleys, there are certainly more peaks and plateaus than there are valleys, and Battle for the Planet of the Apes certainly concludes the series on an upward slope. It's almost a shame to see the series come to an end, but the old adage that offers the advice that there can be too much of any good thing probably holds true here

emerson 1 (ru)

Les avorteurs sont les nouveaux Robin des bois, ils dlivrent les femmes de cette chose ignoble qu'elles ont dans le ventre

Jesse R (ag)

I thought this was a good film. Could you imagine living in a world where you were afraid to come out to the surface and spent your life beneath the surface? That's what happens to a group of people in the future on planet Earth. World Without End in my opinion was a mixture of Queen Of Outer Space (1958) and also The Time Machine (1960), even though both films came out a few years after this one

Jim A (es)

he biggest question is why on Earth is Michael Caine in this movie?. Just one of the worst movies ever made and a look into the sick fantasies of environmental extremists. Even if you ignore the movies in your face politics which is hard because the movie is constantly shoving them in your face its still an incredibly dumb action flick. Protect the environment or I'll muthafuckin kill you. Moonbat movie if there ever was one

La C (us)

la gente es tan despistada, muy bien )). . . por lo menos es muy divertido


The movie has a good ending because they gave the money to people who needed it and the last robber after all his friends had died he spent the rest of his life in jail with people rather living alone. The movie is funny because you see older people doing things you would not expect to see old people do like rob a bank or do things just unexpectedly