Revenge of the Bridesmaids

Revenge of the Bridesmaids

Two women plot revenge against the woman marrying their friend's ex-boyfriend.

Chaos strikes when two best friends plot revenge against a conniving gold-digger who pretends to be pregnant to trick their friend's ex-boyfriend into marrying her. They  go undercover asmbridesmaids to break up the wedding. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Revenge of the Bridesmaids torrent reviews

Kevin P (de) wrote: Dankzij een eigenaardig hoofdpersonage wordt de emotionele impact van Zero Charisma flink belemmert, wat vooral te danken is door het script dat zich vooral lijkt te willen focussen op het spel dat de acteurs spelen. Hierdoor lijkt enige karakterontwikkeling ver te vinden, wat zonde is dankzij de poging om een waardige komedie over nerds te kunnen maken.

Patricia W (fr) wrote: has anyone else noticed dawn of the dragon slayer is almost identical to the man from snowy river. the same plot. almost every line spoken seemed like i was watching man from snowy river and the film had been cut with inserts of a dragon and a few swords. .i saw the movie for the first time and knew in a few minutes i had seen this movie several times.the big blue eyes were on the dragon this time instead of the leading lady, that was the biggest difference.

Gerry M (nl) wrote: Excellent continuation of the series. People that don't "get it" are those that typically look for hidden meanings in movies and/or read far too much into them. The Riddick series is what it is; a kick ass romp of a movie full of action and decent story lines to keep your attention. Each one leaves a bit to the imagination of the viewer. The latest installment doesn't disappoint. The fact that Vin Diesel borrowed against his personal property to get this film out only adds to the appreciation of him from his true fans. I've seen both in the theater and the directors cut. The latter adds a bit of content, but not really necessary to understand what's going on.

The S (ca) wrote: Three diverse and colourful characters travel towards a rendezvous with their inner hero; all coming from very different start points and with, apparently, very different motives. This is a quirky, amusing and highly entertaining western with a great cast, great script and delivering considerable doses of pathos to balance the laughs. A very underrated movie.

Craig L (br) wrote: Very experimental. Some great scenes deconstructing language and assumed meaning.

Chris N (au) wrote: Abysmal script and script. Awful plotline and casting (Mr. Walken being the obvious exception). However, the movie is saved due to the high body count, creative deaths and huge explosions. Absolutely awesome!!!

Kevin R (nl) wrote: You'll find two bullets in him, one of them is mine.The local drunk sheriff is in way over his head when a poor family is getting their water stolen by rival rancher hoping to get rich. The sheriff will obtain the aid of a gunfighter friend and his band of misfits. Can the sheriff and his friend set the rancher straight or does the rancher have more muscle than they anticipate?"I have some advice for you, get rid of that hat and learn how to shoot a gun."Howard Hawks, director of I Was a Male War Bride, Scarface (1932), Rio Bravo, The Big Sleep, Bringing Up Baby, Monkey Business, and Red River, delivers El Dorado. The storyline for this picture is fun to watch unfold but does not have the most original western plot. The dialogue was clever and funny and the acting was solid. The cast includes John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, James Caan, Richard Donner, and Paul Fix."Faith can move mountains but it can't beat a faster draw."El Dorado is a movie that grabbed my attention as a western with Wayne I had never seen so I gave it a shot. I did think Mitchum was funny and Wayne was his usual direct and stingy self. Overall, this is a nice addition to the genre but not an all time classic. I strongly recommend seeing this if you are a fan of the genre."No reason for the rest of you to get shot."Grade: B

Del T (de) wrote: Charming film. Feather light, and shallow as hell, but its' sunny disposition makes it hard to resist Alda stars and directs this movie about the problems a professor / writer faces when his beloved book about a woman living during the Revolutionary War, is transformed into a movie. As the movie company takes over his small New England town at the start of summer, Alda soon realizes the cruel and sometimes silly compromises he is forced to make to appease the filmmakers. Wonderful supporting cast headed by a luminous Michelle Pfieffer, that Alda falls for as the embodiment of his wartime heroine, but soon realizes she also is a facade Bob Hoskins brings high energy as the Hollywood scribe who Alda fights with over every word and scene change. And old pro Michael Caine, as a womanizing cocky lead actor, could of been a cliche, but he brings delight and nuance to the role. The end of the movie is bittersweet. The summer is over and the film company is packing up and leaving the small town, and we, and Alda soon realize, despite all the grief and misadventure, we will miss them. For me, that's always the sign of an enjoyable movie. ....

Melissa W (es) wrote: Great story. Really engaging, but it fails to move me. It is also bothersome that the subplots of minor characters are unresolved in the end. All in all, quite funny, and I recommend for light-hearted entertainment.

John B (ru) wrote: Another stellar performance from Brando telling a story about people being against inter-racial marriage and how Brando overcomes this problem.

bob w (gb) wrote: music's the thing in this film and the only thing worthwhile. in fact i'd recommend getting the sound track and skip the movie entirely unless you want to see an example of non-acting at its finest. too bad allen lost his day, er, night job.

Corbin R (fr) wrote: This movie is not good. Someone watched Stephen Sommer's "Van Helsing" and tried to place it in present day with minor tweaks. Keanu Reeves is fun and awesome but the plot does not involve the viewer to care nor are the characters compelling. The end is where I lost it. I should've shut it off and popped in Van Helsing instead.

Tor M (kr) wrote: After some sort of society collapse a tough loner tries to get back at a gang that took his only belonging - his car.Shooting, man-hunting and action shot in bleak and naked nature or left-to-rot houses. It looks very good and a very good score makes it both a visual and audio-driven treat.The revenge-like story is also quite good, and it's topped with great performances by Pearce and Pattinson that really deliver here. I never feel much for the characters and it feels a bit dragged out, two of the few downers here, but they are prety dominant.6 out of 10 deserts.