A musician discovers a voice hidden in an old record -- one that sets into motion a series of horrific events.

A musician discovers a voice hidden in an old record -- one that sets into motion a series of horrific events. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Reverb torrent reviews

Bruno V (gb) wrote: Strange movie , very strange fight-scenes ( slow-fast-stupid ) . Just forget this one !

Maggie N (ca) wrote: oH.. suchhh a good movie. love the plot, love the fighing... Shawn Yue did such a good job in this movie... really pulled off this act with a lot of attitude. Francis Ng is not bad either. lol. but really... love the plot... i liked this movie better than Million Dollar Baby... a similar movie.

Paul H (nl) wrote: Hilariously awful and amateurish writing and acting -- it's like someone gave a fifth-grade class a video camera and a script. Pure porn acting without the sex, made even more glorious with zero awareness of lighting or sound. Hands-down the worst film I've ever seen.

Farasat R (ru) wrote: The Excellence of Italian Cinema.....

Ale L (br) wrote: very powerful. life is so hard for this kid. it made me cry!!.... ='(::::::

Ashley M (br) wrote: I thought it would be a better movie after watching the first one but the first one is still better

Toby O (br) wrote: Wenders' take on the old crime thriller is fun to watch.

Jose Luis M (au) wrote: Sofisticada y entretenida.

Thomas W (us) wrote: On paper, the plot of 'Full Frontal' is relatively complex and to a degree, interesting. The resulting "Film-inside-a-film", while to a point enjoyably meta and creative, ends up being nothing more than a skewed, overly fragmented, and poorly shot, low quality mockumentary which (poorly) attempts to plum the depths of the underworld inherent within the industry.Final Grade: D+

Jet C (ca) wrote: This film is likely Japanese Disney animated feature.

Shane C (mx) wrote: ha comical how ye give this film a very bad review and give trash like the cabin in the woods great reviews,. sure this film wasnt great, but its a lot better than some crap ye give good reviews to

Kevin M W (br) wrote: Who knew Biel could act? Could rollerskate? And yet even a bumpkin such as I can be schooled, and so I was. Loved this bit of political satire about obtaining healthcare for everyone. I even liked Tracy Morgan. When does that happen?