Reversal of Fortune

Reversal of Fortune

Wealthy Sunny von Bülow lies brain-dead, husband Claus guilty of attempted murder; but he says he's innocent and hires Alan Dershowitz for his appeal.

Wealthy Sunny von Bülow lies brain-dead, husband Claus guilty of attempted murder; but he says he's innocent and hires Alan Dershowitz for his appeal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dillon L (jp) wrote: Kinda looks cheap but a good twist

Tara G (ru) wrote: I really didn't like this when I seen it several years ago. However, I like the director's movie "Girls Town".

Ece M (ru) wrote: bu filmde herkesin gozleri dehset guzel yahu.. glenn ve anson.. siz insanmisiniz ya?! Gercekten insanustu guzellikteler.. Analar ne evlatlar doguruyo be..

Jesse F (kr) wrote: With a great performance from Naomi Watts, terrifying plot twists, endless suspense and a great story, The Ring makes for one of the year's better horror pictures.

bilal a (mx) wrote: this movie is a nice thriller.bruce willis is good and also sarah parker.the story is about a cop tom hardy who comes from a police family fights against his uncle after the murder of his father because he thinks that a cop killed his father.

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