Revoir Julie

Revoir Julie

Two friends meet after 15 years. They have a complicated and intimate past that becomes impossible to deny in spite of intentions to the contrary.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:singing,   wine,   kiss,  

Two female friends meet after 15 years. One of them is in love with the other. One night she comes clean and is rebuffed by her shocked friend - at first. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Revoir Julie torrent reviews

Tim S (mx) wrote: Similar to Mac, this movie blows its load way too early.

Amina E (gb) wrote: Cheerful family Christmas movie

Laurie M (us) wrote: You probably do want to see this film - you just don't know it yet! Powerful documentary about Estonia's occupation first by the Soviet Union around 1939, then by the Nazi's with the rise of Hitler, and again by the Soviet Union post WWII, until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992 (hope I have all those dates right). It is the story of the unflagging spirit of the Estonian people, as they quietly protect and nurture their culture despite the oppression of their occupiers. This film is rich with news footage, both devastating and inspirational, and interviews with the brave players who suffered imprisonment and risked their lives to keep the dream of independence alive. Aside from the astounding power of the film, what struck me was - how was all this going on without the rest of the world becoming involved or even more than peripherally aware?! And 10 years from now, what will we figure out we should be doing something about today? But I digress - see this film!

Ken C (it) wrote: I hated this movie. The entire time you had no idea what was going on, and when the ending finally came we were told a bunch of stuff about our lead that was never even touched upon earlier in the film. There was no build up to the twist whatsoever, and yet the movie still expects you to be surprised by it. It's a slow movie that doesn't reward the audience for having sat through the whole thing.

Guillaume H (de) wrote: After the first movie, this goes all hollywood shiny mags and cars and really tacky cheese-metal music. They got all their actress to dress like hookers ( while in the first movie they had some poise and mystery) and all the actors have this lowlife drug dealer attitude. The story is interesting but here and there botched, so its no bore but definitely not good. The thing i,s these 2 movies would really have worked in a miniseries format, but as fulllenght features, they just dont get what is movie storytelling so it looks liek fantasy soap opera. With lots of vodka. And pastel blue synthetic fur coats.

Rip V (fr) wrote: Von Trier achieved to introduce theatre essence into cinema world and to realize a deeply satisfying study about human nature with an acute plot, the well assembled cast and their dedicated performances.

Hillary D (au) wrote: Cute romantic political debacle. The 2 characters find a way to make their chemistry work in a relationship.

Rubayet K (br) wrote: its awesome,,,havent seen it!!!!wht have u seen thn????

Ville V (gb) wrote: 5* for Monique Gabrielle nude scene

Arundhati S (kr) wrote: i used to be obsessed with this movie at one point of time. i think it's one of mani rathnam's best and rahman at his best as well!

Pavan R (ru) wrote: Superb comedy and what amazing acting too..these guys are all another league..such a complete and relaxing entertainer