Revolt of the Zombies

Revolt of the Zombies

The story is set in Cambodia in the years following WWI. Evil Count Mazovia (Roy D'Arcy) has come into possession of the secret methods by which dead men can be transformed into walking zombies and uses these unholy powers to create a race of slave laborers. An expedition is sent to the ruins of Angkor Wat, in hopes of ending Mazovia's activities once and for all. Unfortunately, Armand (Dean Jagger), one of the members of the expedition, has his own agenda.

An international expedition is sent into Cambodia to destroy an ancient formula that turns men into zombies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Revolt of the Zombies torrent reviews

Jennifer W (fr) wrote: Best in the franchise: by far!

WS W (it) wrote: The poster is fugly!! And the film itself is deja vu familiar- in a bad way.

Norimi S (kr) wrote: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Leah L (fr) wrote: I appreciated this more than I enjoyed it. Purposefully slow and a struggle to watch, it illustrated the tedium of the character's work and choices. Payoff wasn't worth the wait.

dhanny R (kr) wrote: interesting but i think i could've been better.

Aron F (br) wrote: just caught the end of this last nite, wanna see it now

Critic M (gb) wrote: "Shallow Hal" is a funny Farrelly Bros. venture that has a good cast and entertaining concept. A shallow ladies man is suddenly transformed into a man who can only see peoples inner beauty after a run in with motivational speaker Tony Robbins.If you want a good laugh and enjoy Jack Black, I'd recommend looking for the inner beauty in this film.

Melissa W (ag) wrote: Mesmerizing. Beautiful, entertaining, funny, and a little itchy at times. I love how operatic arias accompany the mating scenes--hilarious.

Christian C (ca) wrote: Deliciously bad and campy. An absolute delight!

Adrian B (gb) wrote: In the 1800's, a woman named Adele (Isabelle Adjani), disguising herself as Ms. Lewly, comes to Halifax (only four years before Canada became a country) in search of her man (Bruce Robinson), a British officer. She starts to get erratic and emotionally disturbed, often having breakdowns, and wants her man back, who is now committed to another woman and eventually is to wed. She is also being harassed through mail from her parents, the father being famed poet Victor Hugo, to come back home, especially since her mother is very ill. Interesting Francois Truffaut film, much different compared to his other works, of the life of Adele Hugo, who died during World War I (not part of the film). Pretty good, especially with simultaneous use of both English and French dialogue, but not among Truffaut's best works, thanks some overboard performance techniques of Adjani.

Adrian B (us) wrote: When a friend of his disappears (and suspected to be the victim of a homicide) in New York City, Detective Gruneman (Donald Sutherland) heads to "The Big Apple" to determine what happened to his wealthy friends. He stumbles onto a paranoid prostitute (Jane Fonda) who seems to fear something and perhaps conceals several secrets that may help the detective to determine what happened to his friend. The prostitute also continues with her duties and focuses on her grimy clientele. Even despite being stuck in the period for which it was released, this mystery film still retains its intrigue in a weird hip, art-like sort of way. Sutherland puts on a very good performance as the detective while Fonda, whom I have only seen in really irritating roles prior to this one, is quite fine. Quite a well-made suspense film.

Sonya A (us) wrote: Slapstick and cute. Enjoyable for the family. Liked the silent-movie style touches on this 1920's setting. Julie Andrews can definitely sing and dance!

Brian S (fr) wrote: great B movie. how does Jack Arnold solve the problem of feeding a growing and over-populated world? by setting a giant mutated tarantula loose in the Arizona desert of course! campy acting, dated, formulaic writing, and some very humourous (yet still somewhat clever) special effects. so what happens when you enlarge a relatively harmless spider to 100+ times its normal size? tell us, Raymond Bailey: "expect something that's fiercer, more cruel and deadly than anything that ever walked on earth!"

Jenny R (nl) wrote: An average young man is absorbed into the anonymous, efficient and brutal machinery of WW2.

Ken S (ru) wrote: A total diamond in the rough. Stacy Keach is amazing. Direction and cinematography are both top notch. To quote a friend "It's like Hitchcock and Tarantino had an Australian film baby."