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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1963
  • Language:Spanish
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Revolución torrent reviews

WA B (br) wrote: Spielberg likes to make semtimental films that bypass the key points and themes the films have an ability to explore. War Horse is no exception, placing a sentimental horse story above all else.

GiO H (es) wrote: [font=Microsoft Sans Serif][size=3]TiTTiES!!!![/size][/font]

Ben L (fr) wrote: I over look a lot of independent films. Especially ones that are clearly either made for tv or have been directly transferred to dvd. This one, produced by Meg Ryan, puts doubt into my preference as this is actually quite a good film. Don't get me wrong, it's not the next best Leon but it does one hell of a job. Partly due to Kiefer Sutherland who is perfect as the anithero in this story of a hitman. Stories of lone hitmen always intrigue me as it is one of the most interesting character progressions in film stories. Look at Leon just as an example. Both films have a woman that ultimately changes their perception of life. While Melora Walters has more of a secret agenda to Mathilda's motives, the parallels are quite obvious. I don't wish to compare this film to Leon any further as it is easy to do this. Hitman film comes along...what's it like compared to Leon. Well they are both stories of hitmen and they both have women that change their lives. That's it. This is film is very character driven and wants you to get involved with the characters and there are quite a few characters to focus on. If you have your wits about you, the ending doesn't really come as a surprise but hopefully satisfying none the less. See this film if, like me, you are prejudice about films being transferred directly to dvd or made for tv and are looking to open your eyes a little.

Drew P (mx) wrote: Well it's certainly has Darren written all over it

Vivek A (mx) wrote: gurinder chadha's best comedy. zohra seghal excels.

Kevin R (us) wrote: I shot a wolf last night...An author retreats to a small town named "Drago" where she hopes to gather her thoughts and rebuild her career. She falls in love with a local man and they begin shacking up together. He does take business trips, and doesn't seem to be around when the strange things start occurring. He doesn't believe her visions and tries to help her, but can the strange man somehow be tied into the strange occurrences?"What was that noise?""What noise?""The howling.""You probably just heard the animal in me."John Hough, director of Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, American Gothic, Bad Karma, Escape to Witch Mountain, Return from Witch Mountain, and A Ghost in Monte Carlo, delivers Howling IV: The Original Nightmare. The storyline for this picture is classic 80s slasher mixed with the werewolf genre. The special effects are fairly corny and the acting is mediocre. The cast includes Romy Windsor, Michael Weiss, Antony Hamilton, and Susanne Severeid."Your man done brought home the bacon."I have started watching this series again since I found every movie is on Netflix. Werewolves were always my favorite plotline in the horror genre so I always enjoy watching these movies. I can tell you this series is far from on par with Silver Bullet from this time period. Overall, this is another Howling movie worth skipping.Grade: D

Rich H (mx) wrote: I wonder what they're still smoking?

April N (it) wrote: Saw this again last night. Still delivers. A bit of advice...if a huge, beautiful house is very cheap, DON'T buy it.

Bleak M (mx) wrote: Hilarious premise: Jolson, played by Larry Parks, attempts a comeback after Larry Parks, played by Larry Parks, makes him newly popular by playing the real Jolson (played by Larry Parks) in The Jolson Story. You don't care. Great songs, sung by Jolson while Parks mimes.

Jason K (es) wrote: right on the verge of full blown dick joke Bay, but not there just yet (also Willis on the verge of not giving a fuck, but not there yet).

Brian O (ru) wrote: I really like this movie. The scene between Timothy Hutton and Natalie Portman, while she's ice skating, is great. Great actors, fantastic story.

Andy G (de) wrote: Little Fockers is a good third installment up to meet the parents that has this time Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller and their way for him to prove himself to the family n funny enough that comes along with the other members of the family like Barbra Streisand Dustin Hoffman and Blythe Danner . (2010) B+

bill s (de) wrote: Purely for the profit movie.....really no other way to put it.

Giorgio P (de) wrote: There are many dirty cop movies and they aren't really my cup of tea. But after watching Training Day again I've come to realize how damn compelling and well directed this movie is. Just another film which is better with a second viewing. And I don't understand why the critics consensus mentioned that the ending wasn't that good. I thought it was awesome!