Rhinoceros Hunting in Budapest

Rhinoceros Hunting in Budapest

A young man's odyssey from a small town in Colorado to Budapest, in search of his estranged girlfriend.

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Rhinoceros Hunting in Budapest torrent reviews

Jim S (nl) wrote: This movie is just...lame.

jumbo g (nl) wrote: I love this movie..so funny

Daisuke N (br) wrote: I couldn't get any points in this movie. just boring.

Howard F (ru) wrote: Re-watching this during my lunchtime. One of my favorites of all time. Hard to find flaws.

willy w (es) wrote: good biopic. a bit strange. it does a decent job at introducing his unique life and even attempts, fairly well I'd say, to introduce his ideas. it does deviate from his life at times but it still works. also, it could easily be adopted for the stage and may have been written as a theater piece.

David J (ag) wrote: More times i watch it it gets better.

Dane P (it) wrote: A charming original and very funny comedy that is not for the easily offended. (I wasn't offended but thats a reason why this films overlooked)

roger t (ru) wrote: recommended by rubystevens.....