Rhythm and Weep

Rhythm and Weep

The stooges are actors who can't seem to find a job, so they decide to jump off a high building and end it all. On the roof top they meet three girl dancers with the same idea. Before they can jump, they meet a millionaire Broadway producer who hires them all for his next show. The rehearsal goes so well that he doubles their salary, but it all comes to naught when they discover that the "producer" is an escaped patient from Dr. Dippy's retreat.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:17 minutes
  • Release:1946
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ballet,   dance,   dancer,  

The stooges are actors who can't seem to find a job, so they decide to jump off a high building and end it all. On the roof top they meet three girl dancers with the same idea. Before they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian B (us) wrote: Mr. Miyagi fights a giant snake. If it were only that, it might have been a full star. Unfortunately there was a whole lot of garbage before that.

Bilal S (it) wrote: Good movie but a bit of a drag in the plot especially during the middle of the movie.

Enaid N (ca) wrote: One of my all time favorites. <3I absolutely love this movie. From start to finish, I could not take my eyes off the screen. The soundtrack is awesome and the characters are believable and likable. I LOVE the 70's feel. The music, the clothes, the hair, the story, everything. Just a great, fun movie to watch. I am adding this one to my personal collection.

Craig W (gb) wrote: Actually a pretty decent story and a lot of action. Typical film built for Stone Cold. Love it!

Katrina J (fr) wrote: This might be silly, but I really liked this animation movie a lot. I liked the animation itself a lot I found myself even having grouse bumps because of it. I liked the voices, the story and I felt for the characters too. I think this is a really cute movie for children :)

Andr L (mx) wrote: [A FOR?A DA AMIZADE] Estilo sesso da tarde, mas em um nvel acima, estria bonitinha. Um filme que indico com certeza (pra minha me!) : )

Abby D (de) wrote: This movie is not really inspiring like it was trying to be. It is so incredibly cheesy and sappy. I don't even thing that it is very funny. And word to the wise. People, when a car is going fast with the top down, let the hair actually blow!

Kasey T (jp) wrote: people did say it was a cheap rip off of aliens but thats total crap, it is its own movie completly different story the alien looks completly different and the only thing that stops it from getting a 2 star rating is having a cool 90's actor like Devon Sawa in it, use would remember him as the kid who can see death in the original Final Destination movie, interesting movie this one, cheap but interesting

Mira A (ca) wrote: silly.. but yet so true...

Steve M (es) wrote: Sat through this as the better half was watching it. Had two cream crackers during it. Cream crackers are nice. I'd definitely recommend cream crackers.

Ann B (mx) wrote: This is a very original and well-made film. It evokes incredible beauty, solitude, sadness and humor. The camera seems to tag along after the different characters. The images are unforgettable.

William K (ag) wrote: This is great fun..reminiscent of those wacky Jacque Tahti and Alec Guiness films of yore. The scenery is splendid.

Graham M (it) wrote: Not as polished as Bob Zemeckis' later films but even in his early days he knew how to make a film undeniable fun to watch.

Brian B (us) wrote: George Hamilton is rather funny, but the movie is a bit dry considering the subject matter.

David F (ag) wrote: Richard Burton is in fine form as the lecherous, self-absorbed Henry VIII and Genevieve Bujold is a compelling (and beautiful) Anne Boleyn. The production is a little stiff, and has a very studio feel, but wonderful performances all around, including the great Anthony Quayle as Wosley. As a fan of Robert Bolt's 'A Man For All Seasons' I found it interesting to watch the story of Thomas More treated as a mere sub-plot here, though as with all historical dramas, great liberties are taken with recorded facts.

Niels S (ag) wrote: Bogie og Bacall lavede fire film sammen, og den her er af gode grunde get i glemmebogen. Det begynder ellers godt, og et jvnt stykke hen ad vejen er man fanget, men der er for meget kludetppe over manuskriptet, og filmen fremstr ultimativt som en usammenhngende rodebutik.

Joyce B (gb) wrote: What on earth did I just watch? If it weren't for the great acting, I would have given this film 1 star. This story within a story within a story lacks depth and the characters are underdeveloped, resulting in a muddled mess. Very disappointing because the premise is good.

Arven A (au) wrote: Still the best Superhero film I've seen (the extended version) though a couple of Batman and X-Men movies come close. There's something sickeningly saccharine about most of the superhero movies around, even the good ones. Love the distortion of the genre in this one.

Alejandro S (kr) wrote: Este es un filme de accin de Bruce Willis que no tuvo buena acogida por la crtica. Yo honestamente no entiendo que no les gust. Yo tuve la suerte de verla en cine y me gust mucho. Es un filme donde Bruce Willis comparte crditos con una Sarah Jessica Parker varios aos antes de que ella se hiciera famosa por su serie de TV "The Sex and the City". Adems de que en el elenco se cuenta con slidos actores como Dennis Farina, Tom Sizemore y una breve pero vital participacin de John Mahoney (Fraser). Me gusta que presenta una interesante pelcula de policas, y muta a la patrulla del ro que es un aspecto de la polcia poco (si no es que nunca) presentado antes o despus de este filme. Yo honestamente cada vez que puedo si la logro pescar en cable, la vuelvo a ver. Altamente recomendada.