Rich Hill

Rich Hill

If you ever find yourself traveling down Interstate 49 through Missouri, try not to blink—you may miss Rich Hill, population 1,396. Rich Hill is easy to overlook, but its inhabitants are as woven into the fabric of America as those living in any small town in the country. This movie intimately chronicles the turbulent lives of three boys living in said Midwestern town and the fragile family bonds that sustain them.

Rich Hill intimately chronicles the turbulent lives of three boys living in an impoverished Midwestern town and the fragile family bonds that sustain them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh H (kr) wrote: The film begins rather unrealistically but soon develops into a great story. Jack Black fuels the flick with humour as the comedic colossus he is and it powers on with great film references and balances it out with some heartfelt moments.

Lorie G (ca) wrote: Awesome dark comedy - a must see!

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Kyle G (ca) wrote: Into a swanky restaurant called Dubrovnik, we get a sumptuous jazz intro that we find out is just the work of the piano bar. Ilona (Kati Outinen) is the hostess of the place. She handily disarms a suddenly vengeful chef, takes care of business, and returns home to an adoring husband Lauri (Kari Vnnen) who's bought a TV on credit for their modest Helsinki apartment.But soon, they're both loosed into a frightening world of unemployment. Ilona's restaurant is bought out by a bigger company, and the only other job she can find is under a tax-evading creep. Lauri is laid off from his job as a tram driver based on a literal card draw. He loses his license, the TV, everything, and ends up beaten up on a dock alone. They'll have to pick themselves up, get back together, and start a new life.DRIFTING CLOUDS is Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismki's 1996 effort, and it's like a crisper and more perfectly-married THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG: a cute, jazz-accented dramedy about young love.The music in Kaurismki's film isn't entirely hammering rockabilly punk like his 1994 TATIANA (by Veikko Tuomi); but two years later, in a more mature and laid-back story, the songs are more mature and laid-back themselves (by Timo Salminen)... folk, especially the wistful Antero Jakoila performance synchronized to the restaurant's farewell night, and touches of jazz. Salminen is normally a cinematographer, so his artistic turn to music supervisor here is all the more interesting.There are some assorted rich details in the script -- alcohol, executions, crossword puzzles, dry irony -- that are each pretty powerful, and some rich color in general. The whole film has a way with soft and easy touches in a tight story, to create a drama about industry, resources, chutzpah that in turn can make, from the ashes of Dubrovnik, a place your very own called Work.

Mitch L (ca) wrote: There are timeless movies that receive deserved critical acclaim, then there are movies that get knit-picky reviews intended to be more about the pretentiousness of the reviewer. Then there is Ladyhawke that so so write ups and was one of the all time entertaingly silly movies. So you are cheating yourself if you follow the critics and miss out on grand pformances by Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer, Leo McKern and beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer. It's a cool fantasy film to boot

Narae P (gb) wrote: I wish they'd stop with the remakes already. I can't bring myself to agree with people who say the acting was good, in my opinion it was weak. This whole film is unnecessary.

Joacim J (de) wrote: Its not that its a terrible movie, its just clearly trying to profit on the whole "Im a normal teen but Im actually really special" trend.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: A terrible, useless sequel that invests in mindless gore instead of creating any real tension, and it is ridiculous (and disappointing) how it turns Michael Myers into an indestructible monster and leaves the rest of the cast to be mere bodies for slaughter.

Christopher C (kr) wrote: Ingmar Bergman's 1968 effort SKAMMEN (Shame) is the auteur's only war film. Nevertheless, like all of his films from the Sixties, his main concern is human relationships. Jan (Max von Sydow) and Eva (Liv Ullmann) are two violinists living on a island off the coast. The country in which they live is fractured by civil war, and soon the islanders face an invasion by the other side. Jan is a unable to handle the threat of destruction, and is given over to crying. Eva hates this sensitivity and constantly rebukes him. Once the bombing starts, the divisions between them become even more polarized, especially once the local military commander Jacobi (Gunnar Bjornstrand) demands the attentions of Eva.I love Bergman's work, but I find SKAMMEN rather disappointing compared to most of Bergman's output from the 1960s, in the main all masterpieces. His treatment of war lacks fluency, with the feeling that he is just using stock gestures of battle and confusion just to further the disintegration of the relationship. Another reviewer criticized Bergman's focus on the interpersonal when war is by its very nature something that touches all of society, and I agree. Personally, I think the scene in Bergman's earlier film TYSNADEN where the tanks roll by as the passengers are sitting in the train communicates the horror of war between than anything in SKAMMEN. And the role reversal at the end of the film, where Eva is the sensitive one and Jan has become cruel and confident under the constant violence, seems too pat.Nonetheless, even poor Bergman is better than most other films, and there's a few praiseworthy things here. Sven Nykvist's cinematography is, as always, excellent. Bergman's fellow filmmaker and protege Vilgot Sjoman plays the director of a propaganda film, which I take as a wry jab at the director's art. The acting is fine, even if the script they are working with isn't the best. Gunnar Bjornstrand is especially memorable, since he finally gets to play a villain, and he plays him well enough that the audience despises the character.

Scott C (gb) wrote: A bit too "Hollywood", but surprisingly memorable. Basically remade as 'Enough', starring Jennifer Lopez.

Erick Q (es) wrote: Beautiful movie! So magical

Dave S (gb) wrote: I had movie night at Big Lew's house tonight. We watched his favorite movie, The 'Burbs. I enjoyed delicious vegan food at a butcher's house. It was prepared by his daughter who is vegan. I love the irony. This movie was alright. I really don't understand why it's Big Lew's favorite movie, but it is. There were some funny parts and also some pretty dull parts. I felt like the film was dominated by males in general. There could have been some more female perspective added in, but instead we got plenty of cleavage. Lew wants to try and turn this movie into a play. I think that would be cool. He wants me to be Tom Hank's character. I can dig it. He wants to play the fat neighbor/antagonizer. Patrick can be the military guy. This movie came out the year I was born.

Dena S (de) wrote: A classic, the remake is one of my favourite comedies. I can see where they took the ideas and my god this movie made me laugh.