Rich in Love

Rich in Love

The legendary Albert Finney heads an all-star cast (Jill Clayburgh, Kyle MacLachlan and Ethan Hawke) in this heartwarming drama of a retired man whose family blossoms after his wife leaves them.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Charleston, South Carolina. The Odoms have lived a life of the traditions of the American south in their longtime, large family beach front home. That tradition is turned upside down when ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Norman F (mx) wrote: It was genuinely funny but the acting was lackluster. It had the potential to be a much better film that it ended up being though I'm not implying it was bad. I enjoyed it.

Roxanne R (ag) wrote: Excellent motion picture and ensure you watch the final credits to discover who wrote and directed the will surprise you! Based on a true story, this movie serves to remind us that we can rise from the ashes and no matter how depressing and hopeless our lives can be, we can overcome just about anything. A family from Colombia moves to New York looking for a better life. The husband grows tired of his family and decides to leave them, heading to Miami FL. So the mother (Mariana) who doesn't speak English and her two small children (a boy and a girl) are left to fend for themselves. They are evicted from their tiny apartment, she has no relatives or friends to help her, so they have to figure out how to survive in a harsh, tough environment. Its a pity that Mariana was unaware that help was available for homeless people in the the saying goes "knowledge is power" but they were abandoned by their husband after barely living in NY for two weeks. Folks, I highly recommend this movie which is available for instant streaming via Netflix..WATCH IT!!

Heather B (fr) wrote: Boring and bad acting

Josh G (ca) wrote: Shadow Puppets is, predictably, not a very good movie. A convoluted plot, horrible acting (especially on the part of Jolene Blalock), and uncertainty of what direction to go in are the biggest problems with the movie. We open with Kate (Blalock) waking up in an insane asylum, screaming. Kate doesn't know that her name is Kate yet, doesn't know how she wound up in an insane asylum, or why she is in her underwear (underwear = shirt and shorts). The place is dark and eerie, but she walks down the hall and finds another guy, Jack, who also does not know who he is or why he is there. It turns out, though, that there is a monster lurking in the darkness: a shadow monster. This creature is made of shadows, which means that it can leap off of the wall and impale you with one of its Wolverine-esque claws, but you cannot touch it. Awesome! Kate & Jack meet up with a few other people who they find hiding out in the hospital. Or is it a prison? In an example of the movie's wonderful dialogue, Kate muses: "Maybe both." One of the people they find is a woman who is swimming nude in a the hospital/prison's swimming pool. This is the extent of the nudity in the movie, and it's completely unnecessary. The reason that this woman was swimming is not really explained, but whatever. Let's move on. A lot of the movie consists of our rag-tag group of prisoners/patients moving around in shadowy corridors looking for a way out and describing exactly what is on the screen in ridiculous detail. The worst offender is a scene in which they hear a telephone ringing. "Do you hear that? That's a telephone!" one character says. "We need to get to that telephone!" another character says. And when the telephone stops ringing, somebody has the audacity to say: "It's stopped ringing." I'm pretty positive that there is another scene where the characters are trying to get through a locked door while saying both "The door's locked!" and "We need to get through the door!" Maybe they were reading the directions in the script, rather than their lines. I'm surprised one of the characters didn't blurt out, "The camera pans down the hallway as Kate looks fearfully toward the darkness. She breathes a sigh of relief when she realizes that it was only Jack who she had heard coming toward her!" I don't know whether the origins of the shadow monster are really explained. Something about it being made from memories, maybe? There are a few deaths, almost all of which are yawn-worthy. One of the characters (I won't tell you which one) turns out to be the evil scientist/doctor/prison warden(?) who did the memory-wiping experiments on the others. The character explains that the shadow monster seems to be attracted to people with their memories intact and to people wearing clothing. What this leads to is a few scenes of people yelling: "Take off your clothes!" But in this movie, taking off your clothes equals wearing just your shirt and shorts 'underwear'. Man, if I made this movie, every single one of the characters would be fully nude from the opening shot. Regardless, the "take off your clothes" idea doesn't even work because the shadow monster sees you and attacks you anyway. Alright, knowing that the shadow monster is hurt by light, and knowing that the characters are trying to get out of this building, can you guess how the monster is stopped? Give it a second, I'm sure you'll figure it out. Which sucks. Why is the movie content with being that lame? It doesn't even bother with having a fake-out ending where the monster returns unexpectedly: it just ends. It just goes to the credits. Shadow Puppets could have been worse, I guess, but it's still remarkably bad. Terrible dialogue, uninteresting action, a bad ending, and hardly any nudity. One of the characters is a nymphomaniac, and there's not even a single sex scene! If you're going to make a bad horror movie without cool sex and/or death scenes, then why even bother in the first place?

Alex K (es) wrote: 1972's The Godfather Is My Fourth Favorite Film.

Yeleysa C (br) wrote: I barely remember this movie but it was one of my favorites when I was a child.

Matan S (gb) wrote: The film that kicked off buddy-cop era. Nolte and Murphy are a great combo. Nolte really comes off as the alcoholic he really is. Not one to overlook.

Julie K (ag) wrote: A great movie, a must see.

Douglas D (es) wrote: brilliant. an oft-overlooked altman masterpiece. needs dvd release.

Nicholas G (it) wrote: This movie shows you that you can't please all the people all the time and sometimes making the right decision is very hard. Johnny friendly the films antagonist rules the waterfront and people are very afraid of him. He is responsible for a number of murders. After Terry Malloy witnesses a murder he begins to fall for the victim's sister and is contemplating ratting out his friends but this decision will have some deadly consequences. This is a very well acted movie and is an important movie that influenced other similar movies that followed. This movie's strongest elements are its coherent and well structured plot and incredible acting from Brando and Saint. This movie simply ticks all the boxes great story, great script, great direction, great acting and great cinematography. TIMELESS CLASSIC 5/5

bill s (mx) wrote: A feel good underdog period drama/sports movie that will have you cheering.One of Crowe's best performances and one of Howards best film in quite a while.

Lasse G (es) wrote: There are good comicbook movies and there are bad comicbook movies. This movie definitely has its place among the worst of the worst. There are multiple things to hate about this movie, and not so many things to like. You can say that the movie is saved somehow by Colin Farrell's somewhat good performance, but everyone else in the movie looks like they are suffering from some decease. Ben Affleck looks like he doesn't want to be there and Jennifer Garner is totally miscast as Elektra. The movie has no charisma and the story is really weak in many different ways. You can't really see where the original script got lost in horrible storytelling or if the script was just bad from the very first draft. The action in the movie fails on many different levels, because you never really knows what's going on with the characters in the scenes. This movie is a failure on many different levels!

Sharon R (au) wrote: Teenage melodrama mashing two worlds literally and metaphorically. Expected cliche's but then i didn't watch it for oscar performances. Predictable but not boring although final decision took a seemingly simple but long road to get there.

Lucero C (br) wrote: Its a really good film with a lot of heart! A lot of christian symbolism and it was beautiful to see!

Jake A (kr) wrote: Really well acted, solid plot, great script (which balances humor and the seriousness of the situation in hand brilliantly), solid score and title track and the prejudices it deals with still resonate today so imagine their impact at the height of the civil rights movement.