Richness of Internal Space

Richness of Internal Space

Locked up and isolated, constantly exposed and threatened to be killed, for the first time in his life Lazaro understood that he was a free man.

Locked up and isolated, constantly exposed and threatened to be killed, for the first time in his life Lazaro understood that he was a free man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kara H (nl) wrote: This could've been so much better especially considering the cast.

Alex S (ca) wrote: its rather silly. Worth watching, but not overly memorable

Spencer Y (mx) wrote: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH A HORROR MOVIE i like horror movies!!!!

Samantha S (br) wrote: Shakespeare goes to the 90's - and the worse part of the 90's. Tromeo and Juliet screams low budget and stupidity. Kaufman takes liberties of filling in the gaps left by the original play, but does so with penis monsters, nipple piercing, sex of all flavors and styles, daddy issues, computer porn, masturbation and a complete lack of taste. While the Shakespearean purists are sure to despise this film, I find it hard to believe that anyone besides those who relish in porn, sadism and abuse would find this film enjoyable. Kaufman's idea of cinematic appeal must only apply to a very small audience. And while Kaufman's point may have been to make a mockery of Shakespeare, or at the 90's grunge culture, the truth is, there is no mistaking who the real fool in this film - the director himself. It's awful. It's crude. It's mentally disturbing with the relationship of Cappy Capulet and Juliet, and the ludicrous twist of Romeo and Juliet being brother and sister. It's 70's CGI in a 90's film. It's a waste of a good story and it becomes a mutation of Shakespeare and every porno you've ever seen. I found myself in a constant state of "what the f..." and not knowing whether to laugh at the content or try and take it for what it's worth. Then I realized, it's worth nothing. And definitely not worth your time in viewing.

Michael W (gb) wrote: More entertaining than the Michigan State annual beatdown of ND, many great themes explored most importantly chasing your dream. Check out Rudy's sack on youtube as called by Don Criqui. Sean Astin delivers a performance worthy of the Heisman.

Bradley R (mx) wrote: my favorite film of all time

Steve M (br) wrote: A strange object crashes to Earth, and soon a mysterious monster is stalking and killing in the woods near a small Southern town. It's up to Sheriff Clint Crawford (Agar) to stop the beast before it claims the lives of too many of the bland characters being portrayed by horrible actors. "Night Fright" is about 20 minutes worth of third-rate monster movie stretched an additional hour with scenes of aimless driving, aimless wandering in the woods, and pointless "character development" scenes where the cast of truly awful actors get to show how little talent they have. Adding to this is some of the worst dialogue ever written for a movie in the English language, awful editing, and an even worse soundtrack, and you have a movie that even the robots on "Mystery Science Theater 3000" couldn't make entertaining. To finally make the movie completely worthless, the monster is virtually not in the movie at all. (This is sort of blessing in disguise, I suppose, as the monster is almost as goofy looking as its explained origin.) There is no reason to watch this movie. It's too bad and bloated with padding to even be amusing. Night Fright (aka "The Extraterrestrial Nasty") Starring: John Agar Director; James Sullivan

Mandy P (de) wrote: the sequel to old yeller. I haven't watched it in years but what I can remember was that it was very savage and there was a lot of violence. and our parents told us not to watch it again.

stefano l (de) wrote: There are some movies you have a feeling with, also if you have never watched them, and there are some you don't. I have never had any good feeling with He Got Game (it remained for 1 year in my mysky recorder) and also after having watched it I can say that it's a good movie, but that didn't lit up my immagination at all.

Timothy N (it) wrote: If Alien took place on a dairy farm.

Johnny L (br) wrote: A brilliant twist on the usual lineup: take the Justice League and place them in mid-20th century America. This work deals with American themes and is well put together.

Naoya K (br) wrote: A great story about true love between brothers and their salvation. DeNiro and Duvall playing brothers - it's more than perfect casting and enough reason to watch this film for at least once. Their performances, especially in the scene which they both are in, are great. The setting is also very attractive - 50s L.A., the two brothers one became a cop and another a priest, greedy and political priests, homicide investigation... It's great to watch this one with "L.A. Confidential," since this is not only a great human drama but a police investigation mystery. Quite similar to DePalma's "Black Dahlia" in quite many points, but this film is definitely better. Cinematography is also superb. However, I don't think Georges Delerue (I personally love him as a composer) was the best choice for soundtrack.

Gary C (nl) wrote: This movie is brilliant. Everything about it is executed wonderfully: the acting is phenomenal, the story is beautiful, and the music is incredible. Famke Janssen proves that she isn't just supporting-cast material, and Rip Torn is finally given a role he can work with. If you see one movie you've never heard of this year (and you have a fondness for pool), this should be it.