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Rickshawala torrent reviews

St A (au) wrote: Yet another home invasion movie, the overall idea is a good one but it starts to fall flat towards the end. However the score to the movie was very effective.

Ian C (kr) wrote: What an extremely bunch of brave women. Prison is hardly a holiday camp in Russia. Especially when you are an enemy of the state.

Alex S (br) wrote: The ending feels rushed and unbelievable, but beyond that...

Sl F (ca) wrote: a good fun summer movie. I love it.

Andrew W (ru) wrote: With any luck it's Scary Movie with dancing.

Gary M (it) wrote: Decent movie. maybe it was to long? could of been shorter. Not a bad storyline. Maybe some more action could of been nice but for a movie like this. it's a pretty good watch.

Carl P (it) wrote: Excellent story with some interesting questions.

Amy H (mx) wrote: The story was ok, it was a bit slow and you would wonder when something WILL happen. And eventually nothing! So dun waste time watching this.

John W (us) wrote: More of the classic 80's beach flicks. Oversexed teens with great bodies who will take it off under the flimsiest of pretenses fueled by surf, sun, and booze. Undersexed, left behind 'adults' seeking to recapture (or capture) their lost youth. All of this held together by an absurd premise and ridiculous coincidence that just has to be an afterthought to how many naked chicks can we pile in a single scene. I miss the 80's.

Luc L (ag) wrote: A fun movie about teenage revenge in highschool.

Aaron M (ag) wrote: Greg Kinnear plays an oblivious, put-upon sad sack who gets involved with two women, both 15 years his junior, who are completely incompatible with him. He whines about that for a while, then cuts off the tip of his finger with a kitchen knife. I'm sure there is more, but that's as far as we cared to watch. Despite an astonishing number of gratuitous nude shots of stunningly beautiful couples locked in heated embraces (no, Kinnear is not among them), this is an amazingly dull and lifeless film that shows little understanding of love, passion, or human motivation.

Miguel A (fr) wrote: O valor de "Getaway" como filme bastante insignificante em comparao com o seu valor enquanto lio de vida. Neste caso uma lio para algum que, com alguma boa f, decidiu arriscar num filme de aco a passar na TV sem nada saber sobre ele. A sinopse prometia perseguies de carros e o Ethan Hawke, apesar de toda a merda que j fez, merece alguma considerao. Pois bem, qualquer considerao atropelada em quinze minutos de "Getaway", que no tem uma s pontinha de graa ou inteligncia para fazer fasca com um argumento digno de videojogo de karat em 1987. O pior que cada cena parece uma repetio da anterior e a montagem uma aberrao moderna se a compararmos com a de alguns excelentes filmes de carros dos anos 70. Alm disso, no nada agradvel ver a Selena Gomez (que por qualquer motivo me lembra a minha amiga Sara Likas) a ter um papel mais substancial que o de Ethan Hawke. quase chocante. "Getaway" serve s mesmo para provocar sono e um daqueles cagalhes que s no leva a nota mais baixa porque essa fica reservada para filmes pretensiosos como "The Fountain".

Husnan C (ca) wrote: Gaspard is okay, when it comes to filling in the shoes of Hannibal. His acting was solid at times, but pretty bad at other times and the same can be said about Gong Li. Dominic West was the only standout here delivering quality work. The editing is okay and this kind of felt like 2 different movies at times. This does show real rise of hannibal, and it up to you decide if it is done well or not. Overall it is a decent watch, especially if you are a Hannibal fan.

Spencer M (de) wrote: Lovely heist film. Spike Lee at his best