When Katie meets Paco they fall in love. From this an extraordinary child is born; Ricky, who quickly develops into something wonderful and not so normal.

When Katie, an ordinary woman, meets Paco, an ordinary man, something magical happens: a love story. From this union an extraordinary child is born: Ricky. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Giselle B (ag) wrote: breathtaking and in contrast to the borrowers movie, this is a very refreshing and highly creative, and inspiring animation. It's as if watching a moving painting in general. Wonderfully written. As expected from Studio Ghibli.

John S (kr) wrote: I had been wanting to see this film for some time - over a year I guess. But either couldnt find it or had a bad copy.Netflix to the rescue! London River follows Brenda Blethyn and a man I never heard of who are looking for their offspring in the wake of the London Bombings of 2005. Of course the ending is predictable but the story is well paced and enjoyable even though it touches on a number of difficult subjects.No one does distraught middle aged mum like Brenda Blethyn, revisiting her cafe scene from secrets and lies here she is great and thoroughly enjoyable to watch as she suffers the fate that every parent fears, the loss of their child.Theres very little to criticise here, its a perfectly enjoyable film that will bring a tear to your eye on a quiet night in front of the telly.

Melissa W (us) wrote: Outstanding, and beautiful in every way. Profoundly moving. This film deserves far more recognition than it has received.

Miguel R (nl) wrote: While George Clooney shows that he can indeed direct, The Ides of March relies on a pretty boring concept that didn't interest me as it could've

Brandon T (br) wrote: WARNING: Despite the title, cover art and genre on box, this film is NOT a horror film.

Jon H (kr) wrote: Maybe you had to be there. The production is embarrassingly cheesy. The musical numbers are of the "ho ho I guess that is sort of funny" than the laugh-out-loud funny variety. I honestly didn't make it through the whole thing.

HungYa L (ru) wrote: How i hate this movie... is beyond words.

Alfia T (us) wrote: ???????????? ??????? ????? ?????????, ??? ?????????. ????? ??? ??????? ? ???????? ???? ? ????? ??????? ?????????? ?? ?????????, ??? ? ???, ?????????????. ???????, ?????? ? ???????, ???????, ?????????? ??????, ??????? ????? ?????? ???????? ??? ????, ????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????. ?? ??? ??????? ???? (???????, ????????? ????? ???, ??? ????? ???????? ??????????) "????, ????????? ? ???-?-????" ? ???? ???????? ??????? ?????.

Connie C (gb) wrote: Cheap animation. And so boring, with no good well known people to play the roles

Michael Y (kr) wrote: If you like your Canadian movies to be low budget, have suttle comedy and be borderline rediculous, New Waterford Girl will do the trick. Taking place in Nova Scotia in the 1970s, New Waterford Girl is about Mooney, a 15 year old girl who lives in the dreary small town of New Waterford. She doesn't like her town or her family one bit and desperately wishes to travel far away. After she befriends her new neighbore from New York, the two come up with a plan to leave their small town. Mooney will earn a reputation as the town slut in order to fake a pregnancy so that she can take the train to the next town to an adoption facility. The writer of this movie, Tricia Fish, writes on her own experiance living in New Waterford. The life of the town is comedically plain, everyone is Catholic, and people's expectations of life are not that interesting. This isn't a story fully of stand out, quorky characters of a small town, this is a suttle and natural coming of age story that views small town life, dreams, sex and friendship in a refreshing way. A lotof this movie's story isn't just told by the characters, it's told by the image and look of the town too. A seaside town where skys are constantly cloudy and dark. This town we're talking about, New Waterford, is REALLY small. So small, uninteresting, religious, and predictable, it'll drive anyone insane. And because it takes in the '70s, it's even less interesting. No one is rich, people stay together, and everyone wears plaid like it was a fashion statement. This movie might look way too indie for most people, but it's inexpecive and simple filming style says a lot about this films mood and plays very well with the story. Played very naturally, the cast of this movie (like Mary Walch and Mark McKinney) don't make it their job to stand out in any way, but to play along in the conventional setting of the story. Only Liane Balaban (from One Week and Last Chance Harvey) and "Corner Gas"'s own Tara Spencer-Nairn play the oddball characters, and very well by the way. This might not be a new coming of age story, but it's comedy and look is refreshing enough for fans of Canadian indie movies to enjoy.

David A (mx) wrote: (from The Watermark, 05/01/97) In this sweet coming-of-age film, Phoenix and Crudup are two working-class brothers being raised by their mother in a small Illinois town in the late 1950's. They spend most of their teen years lusting after the three daughters of the richest family in town, the Abbotts. Crudup is particularly obsessed with wooing and bedding the girls because he believes that the Abbotts' fortune should really belong to his family, and that they even had a hand in his father's untimely death. Phoenix, the level-headed brother, is just content to be friends with the youngest of the daughters (Tyler) and must hope that their friendship doesn't suffer as a result of Crudup's misplaced resentment of the family. The story and subject are slightly above made-for-TV material in which the boys must lay some skeletons in the family closet to rest before moving into well-adjusted adulthood. What brings it to a higher level are the performances and chemistry between the gifted young cast. Queer Quotient: The only element that seems out of place is when Phoenix ends up going to college as a scenic design major. The film nowhere prepares us to believe he has any artistic inclinations. And maybe I'm prejudiced, but it's just such a gay profession, isn't it?

Carlos I (gb) wrote: So ridiculous, but still so friggin hilarious.

Thomas B (us) wrote: Not a good as the first one. But a nice visit back.

Irving P (kr) wrote: Best movie I have ever seen

james h (fr) wrote: before man-eating sharks, dinosuars, and aliens, spielburg shows us he doesn't need a big budget, movie stars, or dialogue for that matter to tell a good story.

Martin T (ca) wrote: A great romantic melodrama with an intriguingly ambiguous ending. I felt that some of the political undertones were lost on me, but the themes of loyalty and marital strife are powerful, and handled with Ray's usual delicacy and elegance. Beautifully shot with some really wonderful camera glides, and truly captivating performances.

Armando P (fr) wrote: Cringey sometimes, lack of narrative.

Anna S (ru) wrote: Sea monsters should only impregnate smarter women.