Ricky Gervais Live: Animals

Ricky Gervais Live: Animals

Ricky Gervais entertains a live audience in his first stand-up routine.

Ricky Gervais entertains a live audience in his first stand-up routine. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caitlin L (it) wrote: Great movie. Loved it. Can't wait to see what they'll do with a sequel.

Cherrie L (es) wrote: Worst attempt at a horror comedy the acting is atrocious

Shaun T (fr) wrote: Riveting stuff,edge of my seat from start to finish

David D (it) wrote: Hardly sounds like the sort of subject matter for a comedy.

Amanda H (es) wrote: This is a pretty typical made for TV movie, and it's pretty hard to be angry about the DVD case giving away the ending when it's based on a true story and if you ever watch the news, you knew the ending anyway. Sara Canning is quite impressive in her role. James Van Der Beek comes across as a bit weaker than you would expect from a career criminal, but I don't know much about the actual person so I don't know how true to life that is. As a whole, I enjoyed the movie, but you can't expect some kind of major blockbuster from something that was made for TV.

Todd S (gb) wrote: Ok... Keep leaving your joke in the comment box, I'm sure YOU find them hilarious... As for this movie, it WAS hilarious... at first... but it quickly got old. Its about four gay friends, the summer before college, on a mission to get laid. Along the way they meet their fair share of weird characters and it's pretty much the same as 1000 other coming of age teen comedies, except for the gay part... This movie has some really funny parts, especially the interaction with the lesbians, THAT was classic! Unfortunately, they continue focusing on the one subject, and the jokes just stop being funny after about twenty minutes or so. It's a cool idea, it's a gutsy film to make, and I give praise to everyone brave enough to be a part of it. It probably would have been good if it wasn't so narrow-minded.

miranda p (ag) wrote: jeff Foxworthy is not smarter than a preschooler. I cannot stand him he is so not funny.

Andrew V (it) wrote: just to see what all the hype is about

Juan Manuel T (fr) wrote: "Q no va a venir porq estas bn pinche bizco!" XD

roger t (ru) wrote: recommended by dipa89....

Mike S (us) wrote: With the recent passing of comedy legend Leslie Nielsen, I felt it a high time to honor his memory by revisiting some of his movies. Starting off with Wrongfully Accused, I was yet again reminded of the brilliance he brought to his every performance. Always spot-on and with perfect dead-pan delivery. This may not be one of his best films, but it's a lot funnier than the critics have made it out to be. Yes, many of the jokes miss the mark, but Nielsen more than makes up for all of that. The gags come at you at super-sonic speed and you never know what's next around the corner. An entertaining cocktail of slap-stick and pure wittyness. So don't let the bad ratings scare you off. Because altough falling short of comedy gold, it's still a helluva lot better than the spoof movies they make nowadays.R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen. Thank you for all the great laughs that you gave to the world. You will always be remembered as one of the great kings of comedy.

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