Holly & Nathan Teller live in a small town in Pennsylvania. Holly is on the cheerleading team and has a close relationship with her younger brother Nathan, who is subjected to bullying at school. Nathan is taken for a car ride one day by the bullies, whose intent about what they are going to do with Nathan is not clear. He gives them the slip, but disappears and is still missing after three years.

A college girl goes to a small town named Riddle, only to find her missing younger brother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zahid C (us) wrote: Day: ThursdayDate: 26 Jul 2013Time: 10.00 pmWith: No oneOn: HDTV

Jessica H (kr) wrote: Made for cable mushy story with a slight happy ending.

Wiebke K (de) wrote: A rather strange movie -- one wonders why these two couples stay in the two houses.. -- but if nothing else, the movie is worth watching for the quartet that appears as transition.

Kathy R (ru) wrote: A great family film with one caution considering children. This film deals with a child who has a terminal illness. It was inspiring and thought provoking.

Kieran T (de) wrote: the editor of this film needs to be fucking shot. Every scene is cut short and they use a fade to black way too often. The bookending device of the aussie reporter added nothing to the story. Sorapong Chatree is still awesome.

Alexander C (de) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

MF J (mx) wrote: Let's face it this film is bad. On paper it might have look like a good idea , like most films. but in the hands of these wo film makers the film take a total different dimension. coming from the martial movie world they have created a mixed of action film & mixed martial art spiced up with a bit of Matrix here and there but unfortunately the sauce doesn't really take and soon you have the feeling you are watching a series of fight shot back to back with no real story behind but for sure a great deal of insane stunts and a beautiful cast. It's an honest effort but it fails to reach any target originally intended. too bad because Banderas vs Liu is an exploding idea for a lead cast in such a film & it could have been epic.... maybe next time with the remake, the reboot or hell why not the sequel...

Rachel R (ru) wrote: "Hey duuudes, wait up!" *awkward pause before he exits the camera shot*. Probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen, screenplay sucks, acting is appalling, such a shame for the Olsen twins who have done some good movies before this pile of crap.

Bruno L (au) wrote: Just a bunch of weird people having sexual problems in their relationships.

Casey B (nl) wrote: David Cross at his best + some fun cameos can't save a film that gets increasingly stupid as it goes along.

Christopher C (it) wrote: This took a while to get going, but was pretty good. It would have been better if it were not a foreign film and I could better take in the reactions and expressions, but it was pretty satisifying.

Eitan O (nl) wrote: This movie is brilliant! Love the suspense.

Brian H (ca) wrote: Good acting but very cheesy.

Harry W (es) wrote: Boasting leading performances from both Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Jason Leigh, Miami Blues sounded like a well cast crime drama.Miami Blues has a very original story. The only problem is that it is not always good at telling it. While there are some good moments of tension in Miami Blues, a lot of the film resorts to following conventional ground such as the way it treats every character except its main one, Frederick J. Frenger Jr. There was a lot that could have been done with the character Susie Waggoner, but while Miami Blues is out putting Frederick J. Frenger Jr. through all the complicated material, she is limited to sitting at home and having a few scenes where she interacts with him. As a former prostitute settling down into a steady life, there was a lot more that could have been made of her as a character. Yet the film pushes her through conventional material and sticks her with the archetype of being the unsuspecting wife of a madman. Considering that the role contains Jennifer Jason Leigh in the part, I really felt that she desevered more because she could have done a lot more with it. Since that didn't happen, I was left unsatisfied by the potential in the film. While the main plot unfolded, two other subplots were occuring but both of them were little more than the same one you would have seen many times before in crime films and all they do is get in the way of the originality stemming from the central plot which already is faltering.Miami Blues follows the story of Frederick J. Frenger Jr, a psychopathic criminal hiding his life of crime from his wife. His pattern of crime changes paths when he adopts the facade of being a police officer and abuses that power. The film follows this story in a simple fashion, but it also does so in a rather simplistic one at times. It adheres to conventions all too often while occasionally getting some life out of its high concept premise. The overall success in Miami Blues is middling, mainly because there is not much of a limit on how many similar crime films there are. There just isn't enough creativity in the long term to capitalise on the potential brought in by the main character of the film, meaning that Miami Blues is a rather formulaic and dated crime film. I enjoyed some moments as well as the characters, but the story was lacking in genuine strength. There was a decent script at hand which maintained some fair dialogue, but the ultimate fault falls into the fact that director George Armitage fails to bring any spirit out of the film. As writer and director, George Armitage only succeeds at capturing a limited amount of creativity with his story while the rest moves along through stale material with a slow pace. When I think back at Miami Blues, there is not much from the film that I cannot visualize as having been in many other films I have had the experience of seeing. Miami Blues does not stand out enough to make an impression even though it clearly has the potential to do so which is a shame because it feels like there is a lot of wasted talent in the production but just not enough life to really let Miami Blues transcend its inexperienced limitations.The one thing that really manages to keep Miami Blues alive and entertaining is the efforts of the cast.Alec Baldwin's strong leading performance is the finest part of Miami Blues. With a seamless ability to hold his own on the screen, Alec Baldwin does a great job capturing the psychopathic nature of Frederick J. Frenger Jr.. From the moment he enters the screen, he immediately establishes a sense of tension in the physical status of his character and adds to it with tense line delivery. While he doesn't break free of his single tone of voice for the majority of the film, the stare in his eyes and general aggressive energy render him a capable lead. In a contrast to his other performance of 1990 as Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October, Alec Baldwin's leading performance as Frederick J. Frenger Jr. establishes that he has the ability to portray a villain just as easily as a hero. Though he is not fully evil and there are even times where some of the black humour in the film may have viewers cheering for him, AleC Baldwin is able to grasp the dark nature of his character in every necasarry regard for his performance to honestly be rendered a good one. He really keeps the energy going in Miami Blues.Like I said before, Jennifer Jason Leigh is stuck with a rather formulaic character. Still, she makes a perfect fit for the role. While she is an actress known for portraying prostitutes, in Miami Blues she starts off in that regard with her uncomfortable demeanour and sex appeal but later steps into a more conventional role which she puts her natural charm into. Playing the woman who just wants a steady life after living a rocky one, she is still one step above the archetype and does a good job conveying her reluctance to step out of it by putting in a restrained emotional effort which always has a hint of uncertainty to it. Jennifer Jason Leigh gets the part right despite a limitation on the situations she faces and her screen time. She adapts to the role easily and shares a genuinely good chemistry with Alec Baldwin. She is just generally charming whenever she is on screen, so Jennifer Jason Leigh is certainly an asset to Miami Blues.So Miami Blues has a high concept premise and some strong performances from Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Jason Leigh, but because it gives in to conventions far too often, the creativity in the story is minimal and the overall effect is blunted.

Phat P (fr) wrote: Super intelligent dog & some other stuff happened. Just another weird old 'horror' movie.

Danny O (fr) wrote: This second western in the Man With No Name trilogy is a strong sequel. The action is well executed and memorable. Clint Eastwood is great as the lead and the new members of the cast are quite good. The villain this time around is better, he's given more backstory and depth then the last villain. The direction and score are great as well. The movie however doesn't give as much depth or reason to root for the heroes as I was hoping. It's also not as quotable or original as the first. The movie is also pretty predictable. In the end, it comes close to being as good as the original but falls a bit short, but still should provide for great entertainment. For a Few Dollars More gets 4/5 stars (B+).

Love M (fr) wrote: Never reaches the Hitchcock climate it suggests!16/03/2014