A mother travels cross-country to California to be with her son after he decides to drop out of school and become a surfer.

A mother travels cross-country to California to be with her son after he decides to drop out of school and become a surfer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven G (au) wrote: Awkward and unpleasant, both because of the main character and the script that created him, Bucky Larson is yet another Happy Madison project that should be avoided at all costs.

HERESSSSSS J (br) wrote: Transmorphers: Fall of Man is a science fiction/action film directed by Scott Wheeler, and stars Bruce Boxleitner, Jennifer Rubin, Shane Van Dyke, Alana DiMaria, and a special appearance by the famous actor that everybody has heard of before, Russ Kingston. Transmorphers is about a group of alien robots, who can "transmorph" into different mechanical objects and other electric devices. These robots begin to take over the world, and its up to a few survivors to stop the invasion and save humanity. I know what your thinking, why would I watch this movie? Well, I just wanted to see if it was as bad as I heard it was, and I have come to a conclusion...its worse. The story is absolutely god awful, and is incredibly hard to follow. Something about how the government got all the technology we have today, and Im not making this up, from the supposed alien Roswell crash of 1947 and the Egyptian pyramids. So then, all of the modern day technology starts turning into some crappy robots that shoot fire out of machine guns. By the way, for some reason, a lot of the robots have Nissan car symbols on the front of them, so watch out! In the future, Nissan is going to take over the world, with robots made from SUV's! Which brings me to my next point, the robots "transmorph" into some of the the most random objects you can think of, like the following!: A cellphone that turns into a lego spider and explodes, a satellite dish, a GPS that shoots lasers, and even a pacemaker that turns into a spider, and bursts through peoples chests (I wonder were they got that idea from?)! Heres something else that probably isn't any surprise, the CGI is horrendous, and when I say horrendous, I mean horrendously horrendous! It looks like it was developed on on a Windows 95 computer, by a couple of meth addicts in an abandoned basement. The acting in this film is so bad that you will probably wish your computer "transmorphed" into a robot and blew up in your face. Every character in this film is extremely idiotic, and obviously cliched. For example, you got the Iraq war vet with the nineties haircut and a rubber gun, the annoying bimbo who looks like she just stepped out of an 80's disco club and who is wearing different pairs of shoes throughout the entire film, the hot scientist who knows nothing about science, the old policer officer who only does things his way and sacrifices himself for the rest of the group, the cool black guy who dies at the end, and a random extra with no name and only one speaking part who you know is going to die. And to add to all this garbage, every actor in this film takes whats going on so seriously you can't help but laugh like crazy. There is this one scene that really stuck out to me as especially brainless. In this scene, the hero, an Iraq war vet, and his girlfriend are dancing in a bar. While there dancing, the Iraq war vet begins telling a story about how his whole platoon was killed in an ambush, but he lived. Then his girlfriend says, "You did what was right." Then they start to make out, which leads to an unnecessarily long, and atrocious sex scene that is makes you want to barf. I didn't know that talking about ambush's and soldiers killed in action turned people on, that scene just made me want to go to Amity Island, jump in the water, and hope the shark from Jaws would bite me in half. The dialogue is badly written as well, especially in this one scene were the group of survivors come upon a lone gunman who seems to know a lot about these robots that are attacking the earth. Heres their conversation... Gunman: The robots are here to take control of the earth and kill all the humans! Lady: How do you know all this?! Gunman: The Russians captured one, and they tortured it until it gave up its memory codes! How do you torture a robot? Isn't it obvious the robots want to destroy humanity? Why does this film exist in the first place? So if your still not getting the picture, Transmorphers: The Fall of Man is a complete crapfest that makes you want to drown yourself in your own toilet. There is so much more dumb, pointless, idiotic, trashy, and laughable things in this film that it would take my lifetimes to mention them all. This film is full of rubber guns, dumb ass dialogue, crappy CGI rendered Nissan Robots, a cast you will hate, and pacemakers that kill people. If you strangle yourself with barb wire, you will have more fun than you would have watching this movie.

Rhino D (it) wrote: very nice movie, music is great!!!!

Brandon L (mx) wrote: Slow to start, but humorous and completely beyond expectations. Though it looks like another silly Bruce Campbell movie, it feels like much more

Kevin C (de) wrote: The action flick of all action flicks. Everything you could want in a movie slammed into one and thrown full speed at your face.

Jordan D (nl) wrote: Great Story, great acting.

freespirit (gb) wrote: Great flick. Keep it on the shelf if you are easily disturbed.

Judge L (au) wrote: First time I saw this was back in the early 90's on VHS. This was the movie that really got me into mountaineering. I remember putting on my pack and winter coat heading out into the snow trying to envision how it must be to climb those amazing 8,000 meter mountains. Sure there is some "Hollywood" problems with the flick, but I don't feel like it takes that much away from the overall enjoyment of the film. Some great cinematography, alright acting and some awesome mountaineering action. Just recently picked this film up on DVD for $5..well worth it!

bill s (gb) wrote: Did not believe he could do it.....make a so-so western.

Wendi B (br) wrote: I preferred the book. Read it a dozen times but the movie moved a little slow.

Si F (nl) wrote: This movie is an in depth notice for all of us how not to live our lives and if you take it for anything less than that then you're lucky to have such a nice life. I hope you'll never have to go down a road as dark as Kamal does in this interesting flick

Matt G (fr) wrote: A rather odd film about a racist dog. Samuel Fuller actually makes some pretty poignant social commentary with this one. Rated PG for some reason, though I kinda doubt many people have seen it. So, see it.