Ride Away

Ride Away

Ha-jung, a college freshman, is interested in a boy who works at a secondhand book store near her school. Although a clerk is excited by her, he cannot forget his old girlfriend who has been unconscious since a car accident three years earlier. The growing pains mature the awkward and immature twenty-year-old.

Ha-jung, a college freshman, is interested in a boy who works at a secondhand book store near her school. Although a clerk is excited by her, he cannot forget his old girlfriend who has been unconscious since a car accident three years earlier. The growing pains mature the awkward and immature twenty-year-old. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike D (au) wrote: Why is this boat covered in blood? "Maybe it's spaghetti sauce?"

Kym c my community profile R (de) wrote: Ok it's from WWE Studios which in the first place is sketchy, but being Jamie Kennedy co-stars alongside Retired wrestler Edge I figured it would at least be a little funny. Well in a way yes but of the WWE movies I've seen so far I think only one or 2 were actually good. (12 Rounds starring John Cena being one of them) This had some cheesy rhyming dialog for what seemed no apparent reason other than hopefully for a couple chuckles. (not from me) I think once I laughed in the movie and can't even remember at what! However while no animals were harmed in the movie.. a really awesome old car was ? They fix these cars if (if needed) & paint them so nice & then they go beat them up! Yeah I know they usually get 2 or 3 different ones depending on for driving shooting etc. stunts but man it hurts to see old beauties like that get trashed! The storyline's not really original, amusing but not really funny but somewhat fun. Definitely either a rental or watch on cable only. C-

P K (es) wrote: Absolutely taken in by the characters, the time, the place and the stories. Well acted.

Joseph E (fr) wrote: Heartwarming, but more like Boring.

Kioku Kage Ryu (br) wrote: cute movie I always love kid movies they make me feel good

B D (nl) wrote: [font=Times New Roman][i]Nightwatching[/i] ? more like Night[i]mare[/i]-watching[/font][font=Times New Roman]By B-dazzled [/font][font=Times New Roman][size=3] [/size][/font][font=Times New Roman][size=3]Let me begin by saying that, due to its limited release, I went into [/size][/font][font=Tahoma]Peter Greenaway?s[/font][font=Times New Roman][size=3] movie, [i]Nightwatching[/i] (2009), not expecting much, but wished to see a touching biographical story about one of the most marvelled at, mysterious and fascinating Dutch painters of the seventeenth century. My aim here is to comment on the dreadfulness, except perhaps per costume and casting, in most if not all areas of this movie including its writing, directing, producing, and editing. [/size][/font][font=Times New Roman][size=3]The film begins with a shot of the artist on an enormous bed; it stands in the middle of a staged, dark-lit room. The scene is confusing, that of a violent dream, or a vision, of horses and military men with torches. What seems to be an exciting beginning to a historical drama turns into an over two-hour boring nightmare filled with coarse nudity, graphic scenes of sexuality, inaccurate historical research, and overall tasteless interpretation of an artist?s life. The entire story unfolds as if on a stage, with actors moving from one corner to the next. These are not beautifully shot chiaroscuro-lighted scenes, as one may hope. Instead, the viewer is forced to experience minimal camera work; the shots that do exist either zoom in to a close-up of an actor?s face, or are static as if it to symbolize the viewer?s secret surveillancing eye. The overall effect is absurd and makes no sense.[/size][/font][font=Times New Roman][size=3]The narration, all the more, does not have a focus. There are bizarre scenes about the dirty-minded and filthy rich who prostitute, torture, and impregnate little thirteen-year old orphaned girls who then give birth to deformed babies. The visuals are as disturbing as the constant, and what seems to be never-ending, sounds of baby-crying. At numerous times one is unaware of the dialogue and the overall actions on the screen. [/size][/font][font=Times New Roman][size=3]Disappointingly, the film does not cover many facts about the artist?s life, except for, what it seems, his lust for women, lack of parenting skills, an array of eccentric mannerisms in the studio and the bedroom, and barely touches upon his calculated compositional and artistic choices. This results in a horrific sight -- in creating an image of a talented artist accused of concealing a conspiracy plot in his painting, turns out to be a representation of a freakish genius-lunatic![/size][/font][font=Times New Roman][size=3]To put this mildly for the present reader, this is a dishonour to the artist, a disgrace to filmmaking, and finally, a disgust of a vision to the art lover. This ?film? was not composed of moving (Baroque) [i]pictures[/i], it was recording alive chess figures soliloquying to the audience on an artificially-lit stage. What a disappointment to attach this piece of ?filmmaking? to art and to use the name Rembrandt (van Rijn). The amateurish style of this entire film projects a failed attempt in unravelling the life and times of a master, an eccentric personality with a constant struggle to create new ways of art making; a man, possibly a tad self-involved when considering his many self-portraits, who fought to be different, dying misunderstood he left an enormous amount of works, and forever remaining an enigma. [/size][/font][font=Times New Roman][size=3]Dear filmmaker, a small suggestion ? first carefully research then masterfully execute not myths but truth about the stories of those who sacrificed themselves for their art. [/size][/font][font=Times New Roman][size=3] [/size][/font]

Stephen Y (ru) wrote: Samurai: "Hey..uh, I thought I came here with my friend."Tengu: "Uh...no..no..you didn't [eyes shifting left to right]. You must be hungry. Have some food and wine."Samurai: "Oh, this meal is delicious! I've never tasted anything this great."Tengu: "I'm glad. Your wounds are healed too right?"Samurai:"Yeah, how'd I heal so fast?!"Tengu: [Mumbles] "Cause you ate your friend..."Samurai:"What?! What did you say?!"Tengu:"Oh nothing..I didn't say anything..[Thinking: sigh, that was close.]Produced under a challenge issued by Shinya Kawai (A famous Producer in Japan), Aragami is one of two films comprising the "Duel Project." Under the challenge, each director had to create a feature length film in one week, with only two actors, battling in one setting. To this end, Aragami does a commendable job. The entire film takes place inside of an old temple that is inhabited by two individuals referred to as "Tengu" (or a Japanese Mythical creature). While the setting is limited, the screen play, acting, and filming are all done well. In fact, its not long before the viewer almost forgets everything takes place in a single room. The action sequences and sword fighting are also done well. In a nutshell, this movie is recommended for rental as a no non-sense action film that is both engaging and entertaining to watch. A film that the entire family can watch and enjoy without getting bogged down in details or a complicated storyline.

Average M (kr) wrote: Pretty stupid comedy but has some funny parts for sports fans. Worth checking out if you're bored one day.~ Average Movie Guy

Lucas N (ca) wrote: This movie is a prison with no guards. No rules, no guidelines, this well written parody movie will never cease to entertain me.

Sylvester K (ca) wrote: A small town in Texas is under-siege by a group of thugs after the sheriff has caught one of the thugs. Together with the town's inhabitants and a vagabond, they must protect everyone else from harm. It's a little bit too long in my opinion and the subplots were unnecessary but it was certainly fun and stupendous. I love the ensemble of Wayne, Martin and Nelson. Especially in their sing song segment, it wasn't directly related to the plot but it has it's little charm and showing the American Spirit. The soundtrack is also incredibly amazing. it may not be as good as High Noon due to its cheerful tone, but nonetheless it's still a classic Western.

Isaac A (nl) wrote: I read the book then I watched the movie and the movie was good but perhaps the book was better

Adam E (au) wrote: 31 Days of Horror (2013): #1

Jake P (ag) wrote: It references an era that is many times over-glamorized & even though there's the attire, jokes & gags, Diner really gets into the nitty-gritty relationships of this group of friends.