Ride Lonesome

Ride Lonesome

A wanted murderer, Billy John, is captured by Ben Brigade, a bounty hunter, who intends to take him to Santa Cruz to be hanged. Brigade stops at a staging post, where he saves the manager's wife from an Indian attack, and enlists the help of two outlaws to continue his journey more safely.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:73 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:widow,   fire,   revenge,  

A bounty hunter escorts a killer to town to be hanged, but is allowing the man's outlaw brother to catch up with him, for a showdown over a shocking previous murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DJ PowWow (ca) wrote: Another Thai action film that apparently included some of the crew members that worked on "Ong-bak", though apparently none of the talented ones. It's basically a Thai version of Spider-man, except with a hero who uses more muay thai and whose superpowers make much less sense. Fun as long as you don't take it as seriously as the filmmakers apparently did. BTW, keep a look-out for numerous "Spidey" references throughout the movie.

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Brian M (it) wrote: GENRE REVIEWS - FAVE ACTION FILM When I was an early teen, my idol and role model was Steven Seagal. The fascination I had for this action/martial arts star came about when I went to see one of his movies at the age of 14. The movie was "Under Siege 2". My dad took me to our local cinemas to see it and it was the first real action film I saw at the cinemas. I walked out of that film absolutely blown away by it, especially the final scene. Towards the end of the film, our hero learns that the train he is riding is on a collision course with another train carrying millions of gallons of gasoline. He knows this because the terrorists that have taken over his train (which he once again manages to avoid capture by) have set their locomotive on this path to destroy the train they hijacked, so they can cover their tracks and escape. Casey Ryback, the character played by Seagal, manages to disengage the carriages holding all the passengers, who were being held as hostages. He also gets his niece safely out of the train through the access hatch in the roof. She hangs onto the bottom of a ladder suspended from a helicopter, safely hovering above the scene and watches in horror as the two trains collide. As the two locomotives smash head-on into each other, Ryback is thrown like a rag doll and tumbles down to the end of the carriage. He manages to get up and has one second to catch a glance of the diesel train of death tearing its way through the passenger train with no sign of stopping. He runs. Calm and cool as he always was in the face of danger, Ryback skilfully and tactfully runs towards the end of this train. Each carriage behind him is smashed to smithereens and plummets to the base of the canyon below. He knows he can't go back. The helicopter is waiting for him with its trusty ladder at the end of the very last carriage. Ryback runs forward with steadfast focus and determination. He is not going to let this be the end of him. He has come too far and fought too long to lose here and now. He killed the bad guys, stopped Washington from being blown up and rescued the hostages. All that was left for him to do now was to make it to that helicopter and spend the rest of his days with his niece, living in peace. Without about a second left to spare, Ryback makes it to the last carriage just as it was about to tip down into the dark hole beneath the bridge it was heading across. He leaps with a grunt to exert himself forward and grabs the bottom of the ladder with both his hands. He climbs up it with ease and makes it to the helicopter to see the remainder of both trains meet their demise in a gigantic ball of flames. And after all that, he still remains as cool and as calm as he had been since the entire ordeal began.This final scene in the film is the one I remember the most after seeing it the first time about 15 years ago. Afterward, my dad and I walked through the shopping centre and I reeled in excitement as I recapped the whole movie to him as if he hadn't even seen it. We passed by a game arcade and I asked my dad if I could go in and play a "Shoot 'Em Up" game. He granted my wish and I got my play time. That night at home, I lay in bed wide awake, full of buzz and excitement as I discovered my first true idol. My love for action films of the blockbuster sort had begun. I would go on to see many more after that, but to this day none have had as much as an impact and influence on me as "Under Siege 2"

Jessica K (au) wrote: When Meg Ryan was still good and Kevin Klein brings his own blend of quirky charm to this funny romantic comedy. Added bonus was the beautiful scenes of France

ld p (gb) wrote: Eliseo Subiela's El Lado Oscuro del Corazon/ Dark Side of Heart II (2001) is a surreal meditation on aging, decay, fear of death and the meaning of love. The protagonist is an intellectual who is searching for something to redeem his meaningless life. A web of symbols (gravity, time) supports his allegorical journey. There is a bit of Fellini and a bit of Bergman in Subiela's tortuous, and, of course, a bit of magic realism and of Borges. His hyperbolic language recycles stereotypes that are not particularly original (the conversations with Time and Death). But the narrative flows in a mature and credible manner, and the way reality, dream and thought are blurring is remarkable. Middle-aged poet Oliverio hangs out at a bar and discusses women and gravity with barman Paco. He picks up (or dreams of picking up) a lonely woman. They have sex, then he presses a button and dumps the woman into a discharge hidden below the bed. Back to the bar, Oliverio meets another woman and has sex with her too. As he is walking in the street, a public phone starts ringing: he picks it up and has a poetical/philosophical conversation with the woman who called. She's another lover. They meet in a dance hall and she introduces him to Time himself, who keeps count of the past but can't predict the future. When he is alone, Oliverio talks to himself, to a double and even to a triple. Miranda asks him to find a job, but he is depressed by the aging process. His double convinces him to dump Miranda and travel to Spain. Oliverio, always trailed by Time on a motorcycle, looks and finds an old lover, Ana, but Time makes fun of his return to the past. Joaquin, a theatrical agent, invites him to a party. Joaquin is intriguing by the posters of Alejandra, a circus acrobat who (the poster says) is capable of flying, but Joaquin introduces him to twin sisters Daphne and Chloe (one is a magician and the other one is her best trick) and Oliverio has sex with them too. In his dreams, he keeps dumping women under the bed, and even himself. Obsessed with the woman who can fly, Oliverio asks Time to give him a ride to the circus. Oliverio is fascinated by Alejandra's show and goes to see her after the show. A man in black comes out of her trailer: he is Death, madly in love with her, and waiting for her to make a mistake. Oliverio tries to make love to her, but she tells him that first he must pass a test: he has to cross the tightrope that she crosses during her show. As Oliverio begins to walk over the tightrope, she begins to undress. His double and his triple laugh as he tries in vain to perform the acrobatic act. He fails (falls in the safety net) and has to sleep alone. The following day he sits next to the Death during Alejandra's show. Joaquin warns him against falling in love with her because she already tries to commit suicide. Oliverio doesn't listen: he tries again to cross the tightrope, fails again, and has to sleep alone again. This time he also play cards with Time, Death and Ana, and wins. Time whispers in his ear an advice on how to slow down both of them, Time and Death. Oliverio tries again to cross the tightrope, and this time Alejandra meets him halfway. They make love, but in the middle of the night Oliverio finds her dancing with Death. Still, he prevails: she chooses him over Death after walking the tightrop without any safety net. The couple takes off on Time's motorcycle (Time is not an enemy, he is the protector of Oliverio's most valuable treasure, his memories) but still followed by Death and Ana in a car. They dance and Oliviero defiantly touches Alejandra's belly (implying that she's getting pregnant), observed by Death, Ana and his own double and triple.

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