Ride or Die

Ride or Die

A slick private eye (Duane Martin) set out to investigate the death of a young rapper, only to find himself knee-deep in drugs, guns, and double crosses. Vivica A. Fox and real-life rappers Jadakiss and Sticky Fingaz co-star.

Super fly P. I. gets bad guys the cops can't touch. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carl W (es) wrote: Sharlto Copley's voice and ever-changing accent are hilarious in this movie.

Ty P (ru) wrote: Ha! it's funny, I saw this film here in Australia nearly two years ago and was blown away. An unusual and somewhat simple and mysterious story, about the confusion and displacement of young people. Abbie Cornish is amazing as Heidi, bearing her soul in order to fulfil the character, while Sam Worthington backs her up fully. I loved this movie for its artistic and moving approach, and is amazing in its cinematography(will forever remember and deserved awards), capturing the true essence of curiosity, and the things that are so often missed in understanding a charcter. . It's sexual, confused and experimental moods and moments, while still holding frustration and distance between the characters is amazing. Somersault is a film where the audience has to truely understand the situation, and watch the body language(never rely on dialogue, its never as honest as body language) of the characters to really undestand this film. A real sleeper, and undergorund great.

Heather M (es) wrote: I will have to pass on the continuation of a story I never watched.

Alexander T (jp) wrote: This a great movie and story it's a 4.8 for me.

Niall D (gb) wrote: Terrible old school remake - 1.5 stars...one for each joke that was funny.

Fran O (ag) wrote: This is one thriller that knows how to thrill!When I first heard that we were going to watch this movie, I said, "Oh my god... another boring horror flick". Soon in the movie I found myself engrossed.The story presents a unique plot which contributes to its success. The death of the characters were just hard to forget (but definitely nothing beats the scalping scene from Cannibal Ferox!)All in all, the movie was a total fright and well, do not judge a book by its cover!

Tobias N (ru) wrote: nyskapande animationsteknik i hrligt dystopiska framtidsmiljer. storyn var inte s originell kanske och kndes s dr mttligt trovrdigt. slutet var ven lite vekt. men filmen var klart underhllande i alla fall!

Sgt C (fr) wrote: (48%)A tough cat and mouse western adventure with a stripped down plot and a strong cast. The opening twenty or so minutes are the strongest part, with Brosnan battling the freezing elements of a mountain pass while Neeson tracks him like a wild animal. The quite savage violence adds bite, but really this doesn't have very much up its sleeve. And once the ideas start to run dry and Anjelica Huston turns up (or does she?) to simply add a few extra minutes to the run time making this more frustrating overall than anything else. There is a good short story tucked away in this, but as it is there just isn't enough meat on the bones here to make this something significantly better than average.