Ride the Pink Horse

Ride the Pink Horse

In the border town of San Pablo, preparing for an annual 'Mexican Fiesta,' the tough, mysterious and laconic Gagin arrives. His mission is to find the equally mysterious Frank Hugo, evidently for revenge, or is it for blackmail? FBI agent Retz is also after the elusive Hugo. Everyone in town is enigmatic, especially Pila, a mystical young woman who follows Gagin around after premonitions of his death. The story includes a classic femme fatale and an antique carousel with a pink horse.

In the bordertown of San Pablo, preparing for an annual 'Mexican Fiesta,' arrives Gagin: tough, mysterious and laconic. His mission: to find the equally mysterious Frank Hugo, evidently for revenge; or is it blackmail? FBI agent Retz is also after the elusive Hugo. Everyone in town is enigmatic, especially Pila, a mystical teenager who follows Gagin around and has premonitions of his death. Also involved are a classic femme fatale and an antique carousel with a pink horse... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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gene m (nl) wrote: Chris natawashy got it exactly right. Bleak, Brutal, and ultimately Pointless. Add to that the inherent beauty of silence and subtlety and you've got yourself a decent movie. as long as you don't expect movies to have a reasonably meaningful ending, and who does these days?

Mikael K (kr) wrote: Mohamed Diab's first feature length movie was released in Egypt merely weeks before what is now called the "Arab Spring" began in the country. It's clearly a part of a wave of Egyptian movies from that time that took bold liberties in critically addressing issues about the Islamic government, corruption and women's rights. "678" tackles the experiences of the silenced women of the country, and the way the patriarchal system protects itself through shaming.The title refers to a crowded bus line where one of the protagonists experiences repeated sexual harassment. Another protagonist is a young, liberal comedian who decides to be the first woman to oppose the shaming directed at victims and presses charges against a sexual assailant, only to be shunned by family and her community. A third protagonist is a bold woman who is leading a support group for women experiencing sexual harassment, often on a daily basis. The lives of these three women intersect and a mentality of declaring "no more" empowers them to take extreme measures against the masses of men praying on women wherever they go.Diab directs with confidence and talent and manages to get magnificent performances out of his leading trio. The story is surprisingly bold in taking what is happening in the open but in secret an approaching it in a dramatic but completely plausible way. This film moves forward with force and ambition, keeping the viewer completely engaged the whole way through.There are some rather obvious problems with the scrip though. It cuts certain logical corners, and even though the pace is fast, you can't help but notice. Also, the way Diab closes his tale in a cathartic happy ending stretches credibility a tad too far. I'm kind of reminded of the more recent fairytale about oppression, "The Help." "678" ends up being almost as Hollywood-convenienced as that. On the other hand, the empowering message this movie clearly aims to communicate perhaps required such an optimistic closure, and to be honest it works well on an emotional level, even as your logic objects. Perhaps a dose of fairytale is acceptable in a film that doesn't shy away from its bold statements and still manages to address it issues through the grey spectrum, avoiding simplification.

Aaron W (it) wrote: I gave it 1.5 (it could have been lower) only because of some of the fighting scenes. Extremely predictable. Blood squirting was way over the top.

David M (mx) wrote: Completely tasteless & senseless. It's like a collision of a Modern Warfare game with a Nicki Minaj music video - on crack, and not in a good way.

Aimie M (de) wrote: not what i was expecting. i really enjoyed this movie. maggie gyllenhaal was fantastic

Mathew W (fr) wrote: Great story based on a real person and his accomplishments. Michael Sheen is phenomenal in this movie.

E L (kr) wrote: Formulaic comedy. Didn't they re-do the plot with Queen Latifah a decade later?

James H (nl) wrote: 79/100. Don Ameche is such a wonderful actor, he gives such a beautifully poignant performance. Great story, very well done. Joe Mantegna is also terrific. The character development is superb, you get to know and care about the characters. The score is perfect, effective cinematography that really emphases each situation. Powerful and moving. What a great story.

David B (jp) wrote: If it weren't for Jennifer Jones hoaky performance and Snooki-esque tan, I would call this film a masterpiece on par with Gone With The Wind. Instead it stands a shadow of what could have been. Shame on Selznik for thinking with his dick and not his head.

Luke E (ca) wrote: If anyone ever doubted how great America was, it definitely wasn't anyone in this movie.

Cole B (ru) wrote: This is independent filmmaking at its most raw and most impressive. Comedy with a conscience.

Drew B (br) wrote: A dim and delicate yet thoughtful look at the president and his mistress.

Monet J (ag) wrote: First movie I have ever seen where I didnt mind seeing Samuel L. Jackson or him playing an angry black man.