Ride, Vaquero!

Ride, Vaquero!

Ranchers in New Mexico have to face Indians and bandits.

Esqueda, an outlaw, attempts to force settlers King and Cordelia Cameron out of his territory. Esqueda's mother raised Rio as her own. Rio has loyalty to Esqueda but also feels the settlers... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (jp) wrote: Once the central character's true loyalties are revealed rather than inferred this undercover terror thriller loses much of its punch and suspense. However, this remains a robust attempt to take a look at the religious roots of the issue while sprinkling in some 24esque chase action. Cheadle is central to the film's success and Guy Pearce provides able support. And yes, the story was written by *that* Steve Martin...

SORRY DAT I EVER LOVEDLIKED OR EVEN SPOKE TO YOU (mx) wrote: i really want to see this movie

Asa C (ru) wrote: This is a beautiful and inspiring documentary about high school basketball player Sebastian Telfair as he attempts to become the shortest player to enter the NBA straight out of high school. When someone tells you that you can't do something, it's usually because they can't do anything; fuck them.

Andrew L (us) wrote: Why does Cusack make such bad movies now?

arwen h (es) wrote: A truly great movie! it helps understand the life around us, that is more than meets the eye.

oniverse m (ru) wrote: it's bad enough trying to adapt a beloved cartoon into live action you had to make it into a dull parody of itself.

Lola Y (kr) wrote: Synopsis:Na Yeong-Ju: government clerk. She is a minimum wage employee. She wears glasses. She is not very smart. Her secret weapon is laziness. On the other side is...the English language. It is complicated and hegemonic. It is difficult to pronounce. It has no secret weapon, except its ability to spread across the planet like a virus from outer space.Now, in her darkest hour, Yeong-Ju will need flashcards, vocabulary drills, and a pig that can count to overcome the greatest enemy ever: English.

Adam D (ca) wrote: Seen parts of this, wasn't interesting enough for me to watch completely

Lisa K (de) wrote: Great performances, a really honest and gripping portrayal of life in urban america. We see all of the trials and tribulations that these girls face on a daily basis. It's really incredible. The actresses come across as honest and genuine, and my only beef with this film was the ending. It just seemed rather abrupt and unfinished. Other than that, a really nice little film:)

Darrin C (fr) wrote: Not sure if this is an action or a comedy because it works both ways so well. DeVito, Turner, and Douglas are the ones worth watching though the supporting characters are also notable.

Elliss D (au) wrote: Unintentional Laughs Redeem Another Jaws RipoffTake a deep breath, stop drinking and eating, and let me lay out the premise of Day Of The Animals for you: big-haired women of the mid-70's have depleted the ozone layer with all their hairspray, and now UV radiation is turning animals into vicious kill-bots bent on human destruction.My impression is that they meant for this to be an ecological-horror. Quite contrary! Though it reunites producer Edward Montero and Christopher George- whom I've only just yesterday finished ripping a new one in my review for Grizzly- there's another star, the true hero of the story, who just so happens to be playing the villain: Leslie Nielsen. And yes, for you younger people, that is the guy from the Naked Gun series, and yes, he is freakin' hilarious. Which is how Day Of The Animals, quite unintentionally, put me in the correct mindset to receive it as comedy gold. So before we dive into the nitty-gritty, accept that reality. Montero and his buddies wanted to make another Grizzly, which was them making another Jaws, and as South Park taught us, "If you french-fry when you should have pizza'd, you're gonna have a bad time." But if you accept that this movie was written to make you laugh your ass off, you might actually enjoy it.I've never reviewed a comedy, but I'll do my best!Christopher George resumes his roll as Chiseljaw from Grizzly, which is to say his beautiful jawline probably drew in more women than would otherwise ever watch this movie. I forget his character's actual name, but the comedy starts right off the bat with his overstated, quasi-country accent. He's leading a group of hikers out into wild high-country, despite the fact that his boss has been getting weird reports of crazed animals. Montero & Co. had a helicopter left over from shooting Grizzly, so they go ahead and pile all the tourist in those - that's my theory anyways - and we're really running with a few unintentional caricatures right off the bat targeting Native Americans and New-York accented whining women (come on, people, I thought the seventies were better than that). But all is not well in Camelot. Something's rotten in the state of Denmark. There's been a disturbance in the Force (and this one goes to 11). Birds of prey surround the hikers at their very first stop as they hoof it up the mountain, squawking and screeching and generally reminding me more of Bigbird than serial killers. Being something of a raptor aficionado myself, I can't help but oogle at the cute little condors, redtails, and turkey-vultures. Back at base-camp... or town, or wherever it was the ill-fated hikers departed from... a mangy-looking dog growls menacingly, to add to the growing sense of unease (or in my case, the growing sense of amusement). Oooh! Now the hawks are stalking the hikers? Sweet! We've got a regular Jeffrey Dahmer here.I'd based my expectation off Grizzly, so I was actually surprised at how far we get into the movie. You'll have to wait nearly half an hour for the first animal attack, even longer for the first fatality. But not to worry: once we get the first, the hilarity ensues in rapid succession. Leslie Nielsen moves to center-stage, rapidly evolving into the human antagonist with racist jokes and venomous one-liners.Is this an actual plot element I detect? Is it possible that the ozone-radiation induced madness turning the animals into murderous gangbangers is also going to turn the humans into raving lunatics? We've got hawks dragging people off cliffs, complete with Wilhelm scream. We've got Lone Wolf attacks- no, not that kind, literally a lone wolf- which somehow turns one victim's face not into hamburger meat, but rather leaves the attractive starlet with superficial red streaks. Meanwhile, solitary cougars have formed hunting packs, which has my inner naturalist guffawing at the reversal. We've got viking-inspired rats pillaging pantries, and then faces. Supposedly vicious dogs, tails a-wagging out of lovable glee as they sew havoc and destruction. By now it's 10PM and I'm a little drunk. Which is how I discovered Day of the Animal's true value: as a drinking game. Going forward, I'll highly recommend the film and the drinking rules as follow:Drink whenever 1) You laugh at Chiseljaw's ridiculous accent2) Leslie Nielsen calls the Native American guide "hotshot", makes fun of another hiker/delivers a one-line zinger, or does anything remotely racist (careful, this one will get you drunk fast about mid-film)3) The supposedly menacing critters make you "ooh" and "ah" at their adorableness4) You spot a fishing line attached to a leaping critter5) The totally not a Jewish stereotype mom flips her shitYou can imagine how my night ended. Maybe the movie was hilarious, maybe I was just three sheets to the wind. I lasted to the credits, at least, at which point I proceeded to worship the porcelain throne face-first.Was this movie a good horror film? Absolutely not. Was I too drunk to objectively determines its quality as a comedy? Probably not. Was it the film's constant glare or my bargain-bin vodka responsible for my pounding headache afterward? God knows. Are the women- including the lead- there as anything but eye-candy, damsels in distress, and gore-fodder? Not really, but it was the seventies. How is it that the animals only target humans, but never each other? Come on, folks; we're talking about the people who made Grizzly. Don't go dragging logic into this equation!I can't in good conscience recommend this movie to anyone who isn't ready to down a fifth of bourbon while watching. If interpreted as intended - as an eco-horror - it misses the mark entirely.But if you watch it as an unintentional comedy, and you're the sort of person who gets off on truly horrible film, this one's right up your alley.

Private U (es) wrote: Yeah!!! Gorgo ma petite bestioooole

Courtney K (ca) wrote: this scared the shiitake sauce out of me; i didn't sleep a wink.

Deanna B (au) wrote: I watched it again and the second time wasn't any better than the first time...

Gianennio S (ca) wrote: omg how did i not know this existed?