Riding the Edge

Riding the Edge

Teenage cyclist rescues his dad from terrorists in the Middle East. "Iron Eagle" on a motorcycle.

Industrial espionage plot focuses on Matt's attempt to rescue his father, who knows about a valuable solar satellite microchip and is being held captive in the desert by a terrorist group that wants it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Riding the Edge torrent reviews

Kerri L (au) wrote: This is what would happen if you crossed the time machine with planet of the apes at a b-movie studio.

Leslie R (us) wrote: I really wanted this to be Terrantino-y.

Corey B (it) wrote: 9.5/10I'm a sucker for politics.

Al P (fr) wrote: The Speaker of the House DONT LIKE G.I. Babies.

Olivia C (kr) wrote: (O.O) I remember this from when I was a kid!! Its was one of my faves as a kid.

Robert C (jp) wrote: How can something so mind numbingly BAD...be so gloriously GOOD? I saw this KNOWING it was a good contender for my "So Bad They're Good" list. Come on people...Vincent Price as the 'evil' Dr. Goldfoot is hilarious and at his over the top campy best. They poke some fun at some of Price's previous films and you'll also be able to see were Mike Meyers got a lot of his inspiration for the Austin Powers films. There's even a very brief cameo (in the torture chamber) by Annette Funicello.

Erin T (ru) wrote: Great classic movie!!

Michael T (it) wrote: The rare instance when a sequel is almost as good as the original; Durbin sings "The Last Rose of Summer," among others.

Katie R (br) wrote: Worth watching for Harlow's femme fatale performance.

Tim W (fr) wrote: A cool unique premise about death and fate, but poorly executed. Mildly entertaining though. Bonus points for making me laugh.

Damjan R (kr) wrote: 'Jacob's Ladder' makes for an interesting watch due to it's thoroughly creepy atmosphere And Tim Robbins' dedicated performance, but all it's good points are undone by a story which does a fair bit of telegraphing. The visual language is too suggestive in terms of story foreshadowing, despite being aesthetically very pleasing. Psychological thriller fans will certainly enjoy it while others might have to show some faith.

Shelli D (es) wrote: This movie was actually good. I love horror movies. But i would call this more of a thriller. although, there are a alot of jumpy parts.

Brian A (ag) wrote: Don't get in between a man and his car! John Carpenter's influence turns this seemingly jalopy of a storyline into a feature on Car And Driver.