A film about the actions of the Metis rebel leader who opposed the Canadian government in two seperate rebellions. (Taken from the imdb page)

A film about the actions of the Metis rebel leader who opposed the Canadian government in two seperate rebellions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Janet M (kr) wrote: dont wantto say guess!

Stewart F (es) wrote: Really what son of bitch put us through a movie about nothing!!!!!

Travis D (nl) wrote: I would have paid money to have heard the pitch for this movie.

Nick L (ca) wrote: 1. Tom Cruise 2. RD Jr. 3. Ben Stiller. One of my fav. comedies. 9/10.

Desmond R (fr) wrote: Total adulation for any Stones fan with fantastic visuals and sound quality.

Ralph R (ca) wrote: Christmas movies exploit the holiday challenged.

Cody H (ru) wrote: bloody crap m8 get life

Stuart K (it) wrote: After the success of Murder on the Orient Express (1974), it was inevitable that there would be another Poirot film. This brings together an all star cast from both sides of the Atlantic, and it makes for a very entertaining murder mystery that manages to have a sense of humour about it's proceedings. Set on a river cruise going up the Nile river, it has newly married couple heiress Linnet Ridgeway (Lois Chiles) and Simon Doyle (Simon MacCorkindale) on their honeymoon, even though Simon's old flame Jacqueline de Bellefort (Mia Farrow) has followed them there, feeling jilted for Simon chosing Linnet over her. Belgian detective Hercule Poirot (Peter Ustinov) is on board, and so's Mrs. van Schuyler (Bette Davis), Miss Bowers (Maggie Smith), Linnet's maid Louise Bourget (Jane Birkin), novelist Salome Otterbourne (Angela Lansbury), American lawyer Andrew Pennington (George Kennedy) and Colonel Race (David Niven). However, when Jacqueline shoots Simon, and then Linnet ends up dead shortly afterwards, it's up to Poirot with help from Colonel Race to find out who killed Linnet, but as everyone had a grudge against her, everyone on the cruise is a suspect. You don't get murder mystery films like this anymore, and you won't get a cast as good as this anymore, Ustinov is a perfect choice for Poirot, while Lansbury and Davis steal the film. It's intriguing and captures the 1930's really well, and it has good dialogue

Ricky D (ca) wrote: This movie is good becuase its so bad.

Steve D (ca) wrote: Benjamin McKenzie is a poor choice but the supporting voice actors and a great story makes year one a great watch for all Batman fans, especially for Frank Miller fans.

Kong L (ca) wrote: DARK | INSANE | TWISTED (86-out-of-100)

Jesse M (us) wrote: A total afront to what was established in the first two films. Out of all the sequels, this would be the most pointless. A petty title defense? Daniel being an obnoxious aggressive jerk forgetting all the important life lessons he was taught before? A lame revenge plot involving Krees and his sleazeball war buddy? Hell even the opponent is just an asshole for hire. All of this spells out a contrived story with zero reason to be told. The only saving grace is Pat Morita who tries very hard to hold this crap sandwich together. A real shame.

Jonathan B (au) wrote: Take every clich from....oooooh 50 odd years of horror and fantasy movies and chuck them into a "Nobody understands me" teenage plot and you've pretty much got the whole of This Mortal Instruments. The characterisation is so thin as to be transparent with every single twist in the plot signalled as boldly as a motorway sign. There are huge inconsistencies and unanswered questions such as when one of the tedious teenagers gets bitten by a vampire, the only noticeable effect of which is to improve his eyesight. This is a ghastly, lazy film that is simply trying to pander to a generation of mushy brained waifs who think it's cool to be miserable. They can all sod off.