Rif 1921 una historia olvidada

Rif 1921 una historia olvidada


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Rif 1921 una historia olvidada torrent reviews

Shashank S (kr) wrote: Straight forward Ajay devgan n rohit shetty style action flick. Don't expect more. Great dialogue ...n I m sure Marathi manush will love this movie :)

Rer F (br) wrote: Tobey maguire why did you go you were the best

Jack P (au) wrote: It's actually pretty ok for newer fans.

Zach Z (br) wrote: Kind of worth seeing for horror fans.

Leonard D (de) wrote: The Statue of Jesus on the cross in the church coming to life and screaming was enough.

Catherine R (au) wrote: It was classic filmmaking and amazing in-camera stunts. A little hollywood but so indy.

Mlissa A (br) wrote: Bon petit film d'action comme on les aime ; avec un bus qui se fait tirer par un h (C)licoptre !Plus : Hugh Jackman en pantalon de cuir ;)

Sofia B (jp) wrote: I'm not hoping for much but anyway.

Indira S (de) wrote: this is one of that movie, which have a special space in my memory. thou it a little bit taste like "The Breakfast Club" but still it'll be that one of them that stand out (or maybe because it taste like breakfast club idk) the point is, i love this movie :)xx

Justin H (gb) wrote: "Nightflyers" is essentially "2001" meets "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble," by way of "Event Horizon." If that sounds terrible, that's because it is. The plot is all over the place, the characters are either irritating as hell, or little more than background scenery (but all are poorly written), and what logic there is isn't even internally consistent. And to top it all off, it drags considerably, even when there's a space zombie attacking someone, and electrical psychic death rays shooting all over the place. Though, the film is noteworthy as containing the only space ship I've ever seen that appears to be partially carved from stone. Seriously. It has marble pillars. The only thing saving "Nightflyers" from a much lower rating is the fact that it's relatively easy to lampoon, if you're so inclined. If you're not, then I'd recommend not even wasting your time.

Brett E (jp) wrote: Bill Murray should have won Best Actor for this. Scarlett Johansson should have been nominated - she hasn't been as good since this movie - it was definitely her finest performance. Sofia Copolla is my favorite director as she really crafts her scripts into something visually breathtaking.

Adrian Z (br) wrote: Yet another movie I will be subjected to by my girlfiend.

Jessica H (nl) wrote: Disgusting film with one perverted relationship, three times the predictability, one lack of plot without decent character development; brewed in a cauldron of stupidity with a demonic witch hat.