RiffTrax Live: Christmas Shorts-stravaganza!

RiffTrax Live: Christmas Shorts-stravaganza!

The Rifftrax Crew give several holiday short films a good riffing. Weird Al Yankovich makes a guest appearance.

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RiffTrax Live: Christmas Shorts-stravaganza! torrent reviews

finley w (nl) wrote: good I have an ultra violet account but it won't let me watch it damit

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Nathan C (it) wrote: A good documentary for fans of the band. I enjoyed it.

Peter C (it) wrote: Its a bit messy, full of of too many political cheers for celebrities but it really works giving a sense of a certain part of the American spirit in 2004. Its more of a (biased of course) historical document than a full-on documentary. Its worth a look, especially for its atmosphere, and its view of a series of mass rallies that failed.

Michel A (ru) wrote: Um filme super interessante recomendo

Karsh D (gb) wrote: Easily the worst version of this much used storyline. The whole courtroom scenario was just too bizarre. Shame, as I quite like Dougray Scott but this was just plain awful

Sajib K (ca) wrote: Kieslowski's cerebral drama about spirit and death shows a 30+ woman, Ulla, who just lost her lawyer husband in a car accident but still sees his spirit everywhere. On the other part of the story, another woman is trying to get her husband out of a prison who is charged for raising political arguments and who was being helped by the now-dead lawyer. Ulla desperate to move into a life with her child, seeks medication from a psychotherapist. All went in vain unless she reunites with her husband...A poignant tale.

Michael W (jp) wrote: American artist and vampiress travels the Mexican countryside, leaving a swath of victims along the way with investigators in pursuit. Starts well enough but bears its production limitations. An aged John Carradine makes a special appearance as Mary's father, although most of his scenes are handled by a much more spry individual who travels under a mask.

Jamie C (br) wrote: An average Carry On film, Not as funny as most of the others, It's more saucy than usual with allot of flesh on show, There are better Carry Ons but still worth a watch.

Mary G (it) wrote: i don't care for Doris Day or really Rex Harrison so much but this mystery intrigue movie worked for me

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