RiffTrax Live: House on Haunted Hill

RiffTrax Live: House on Haunted Hill


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RiffTrax Live: House on Haunted Hill torrent reviews

Sam T (fr) wrote: This highly personal and poetic walk down memory lane is moving, elegiac and masterfully made.

Tomek S (ru) wrote: art vs life. as usual, awesome

Ryan H (de) wrote: Rather boring. Found it hard to follow.3/10

Taio G (mx) wrote: A tad messy, although unfairly hated.

Robert I (kr) wrote: What!? This is a movie!?

Kristy P (es) wrote: Weird. The only thing I liked about this movie was the Luke Wilson + Drew Barrymore thing. Other than that, the movie didn't really make much sense. It was half comedy, half crime, half spoof of comedy and crime.

Angela A (br) wrote: Pulpy like a comic book, this remake of Angels with Dirty Faces is a lot of fun until they decide Juhi Chawla's character should basically whore herself to redeem Ram Jaane. Hence, awful gender politics practically wash away the appeal of proto-SRK SRK.

Iann R (fr) wrote: One of the weirdest and most enjoyable movies I have ever seen. A great indie before "indie" had a dress code and a hair style

Olli G (jp) wrote: Extremely forgettable cliche of a film. Predictable to the last but not devoid of laughs and good moments.

Amanda P (ag) wrote: omg! i loved this as a kid!!! very good film!

Michael R (br) wrote: Please no more of these Species movies.

John A (gb) wrote: After A Short Hiatus Director Howard Hawks Made An Excellent Comeback In Cinema, With This John Wayne Classic. Set In The Late 1860's, Rio Bravo Is A Town Under Siege Story & Is Probably The Best Film With This Type Of Plot. Sheriff John T. Chance (John Wayne), Arrests Murder Joe Burdette (Claude Akins), & Is Holding Him In The Town Jail. While Awaiting For The US Marshall To Arrive For Prisoner Transport, The Town Is Attacked By Various Hired Gunmen & The Gang Led By His Brother, Wealthy Land Baron Nathan Burdette (John Russell). Wayne Must Keep The Gang From Sprining Joe Burdette As He Has Only Got, Recovering Alcoholic Dude (Dean Martin), Old Crippled Stumpy (Walter Brennan) & Young Hotshot Colorado Ryan (Ricky Nelson), Who Is Wiling To Help After His Boss, Pat Wheeler (Ward Bond) Is Murdered. The Film Is A Triumphant Return For Howard Hawks' As It Features Great Cast Performances & A Great Plot.