RiffTrax Live: Plan 9 from Outer Space

RiffTrax Live: Plan 9 from Outer Space

The stars of MST3K riff the worst movie of all time in RiffTrax Live - Plan 9 From Outer Space. Live from the historic Belcourt Theater in Nashville! Hosted by internet superstar Veronica Belmont, and featuring geek troubadour Jonathan Coulton, RiffTrax Live offers non-stop music and laughs.

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RiffTrax Live: Plan 9 from Outer Space torrent reviews

Adriana P (es) wrote: Fit well into the Stargate stories. I liked it.

Donna L (au) wrote: Excellent movie. I got so into it that I forgot that I was actually reading subtitles. "torn apart by loyalties, fear, secrecy and distrust while their freezing little world disintegrates around them." and a powerful ending.

Bruno C (kr) wrote: Creative, funny and really entertaining. With a great performance of Ellen Page this is definitely recommended to everyone.

Sarah P (au) wrote: It was interesting to watch the krumping I guess, and it's great that it's keeping kids out of gangs, but I didn't find the film that compelling. At the end after the dance battle, it's kind of like they're rival gangs anyway...

James H (es) wrote: Interesting drama, very well acted, especially by Rita Tushingham and Lynn Redgrave. Well written story, good score and thoughtfully directed. The natural style to the film is appealing.

Pavandeep S (ag) wrote: Brilliant, a great double bill for me with "Men Behind The Sun". I mean, it is fascinating to see how full of meaning this is, even the cover has lots of interpretation. I loved the way the movie leaves it vague the idea of whether was it superstition that killed him or was it just the confidence of a presage, a foretelling of disaster, of which a wise solution was never thought of an where emotion drove Mifune's character to disobey the prophecy and then got screwed by that prophecy by his own superstitious troops. -SPOILER -I really like the last scene, where the arrow pierces his neck. That was sweet.2nd Time: Watched it again recently, still a great film and the dramatic elements were stunning. Loved the last scene and enjoyed the acting of the female lead. Fantastic use of shadows as well.

Robert M (ca) wrote: Watched it again two nights ago and it still holds up. Spectacular writing, honed acting, and masterful direction. It moves very fast and is a sad reminder that it's rare to find a film like this in theaters. Thankfully, we have TV. If you like Mad Men, then you will like this.

Ebony S (au) wrote: ... Just a so so storyline ... SAVED by Great songs and dancing!!