In the seedy underground of illegal prizefighting, a corrupt boxing promoter is embroiled in a dangerous fight-fixing scheme with his female prizefighter.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English,French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boat,   boxing,   boxing ring,  

In the seedy underground of illegal prizefighting, a corrupt boxing promoter is embroiled in a dangerous fight-fixing scheme with his female prizefighter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Valeria P (gb) wrote: The actor playing the main character is perfect, going back and forth between navet (C) and menace, banging his head against the wall that is the juvenile prison system.

Mikey M (ag) wrote: Absolutely brilliant

Klei R (ru) wrote: I haven't seen a whole lot of Russian movies in the last few years, and if this one is the best one to make the cut, I'm not sure what that says about Russian cinema as a whole.This movie was quite disjointed, and not particularly shot very well. There seemed to be at least two different story lines that didn't seem to blend into a cohesive story. As a result I was somewhat confused when they went from story to story. I think they would've been better off not focusing at all on the story of the smuggling kid and the guy with the broken down car. I didn't understand why I was supposed to care about them at all. The other story was the part I will remember and was one of the more disturbing things I've seen in a long, long time.Apparently, this was all "based on a true story" in Russia in 1984. A young girl goes to a club and hooks up with her friends fiancee. Later, he goes to get more alcohol, and she gets abducted by first one group of people, and later by another really creepy guy. The really creepy guy turns out to be the head of the police in a nearby town. He keeps her handcuffed to a bed and calls her his "wife". There's some really disturbing scenes, and a few scenes of surprisingly gratuitous violence that don't seem to add much to the story.In the end, you don't really know much about the characters other than what their actions were in this particular story. There's no background. No reasons given. Just that the people are all nuts. Plus, all the scenery is bleak and drab to look at. There's really not much to recommend except that it's a movie that will probably stick with you for a while for 2 reasons: 1) it's Russian, and you just don't see many Russian movies, and 2) there's some pretty messed up stuff that goes on while the girl is handcuffed to the bed.I can't say I'd recommend it though....

Bas B (br) wrote: War docu on Khmer Rouge. Only a bit long-winded.

Anthony T (mx) wrote: Amazing cast and a sub par film.Still worth a watch if you're looking for a new holiday movie and want something a bit on the crazy side.

Sean C (us) wrote: This is one of Roger Corman's depression era crime movies. Of course it's cashing in on "Bonnie & Clyde"'s success. The funniest thing is Robert De Niro in an early role, trying to do a Southern accent. The movie is actually pretty edgy. More than a lot of things are today. Another Roger Corman produced movie to look into would be Boxcar Bertha. It's another depression era crime biopic. He had Martin Scorsese direct it.

SV G (mx) wrote: Same old story (even for it's time) of boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy loses girls, but gets her back in the end. However, the fine and memorable and classic song and dance tunes that intertwine the familar story are still so enjoyable and fasinating to hear and watch. Bing and Fred singing and dancing to Irving Berlin are always worth the watch.

Michael C (mx) wrote: An odd entry in the Classic Universal Monster canon, sometimes maligned, but a solid entry nonetheless....

Anna j (nl) wrote: Well playd but not truly awesome

Tyler R (ag) wrote: I actually thought this was pretty cute and funny movie. There were lots of parts that were hilarious. There were lots of well done special effects.

Aaron M (us) wrote: A wonderful sequel to a fantastic movie franchise.

Linda F (jp) wrote: this movie is exactly what you would expect from a movie with hugh grant and drew barrymore.

Trinity (au) wrote: Pro: well done, good cinematography Con: missing something

Alexander C (us) wrote: Want to see it! Will have to take into account!