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Rikollinen nainen


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David M (it) wrote: A charming, delightful, and very funny film. Highly recommended.

Sara C (ru) wrote: Really funny a great watch

Bret B (ag) wrote: Excellent, honest, rural noir. Michael Shannon is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors.

i C (de) wrote: 7/10kinda interesting

Anthony C (mx) wrote: This was an excellent movie to see. It was very Oscar worthy for Annette Bening to be nominated in this 2004 classic. I would watch this again and again because it's very phenomenal!

Collin P (br) wrote: The PG-13 rating feels out of place but it is still entertaining enough.

Chris J (au) wrote: The ultimate teen movie. How did I miss this in 2000?!

Richard C (us) wrote: gotta love the jelly bird

Robert M (kr) wrote: It is what tends to be one of the most arguably well made war films out there. While I felt that it was a little slow at times, there's really no denying the craftsmanship of this well memorial-themed piece of film. Hanks practicality steals the show as the captain of a small crew in which they head out to save one of there own. With Steven Spielberg in mind, it's just to say that practically none of his movies I've seen are relatively in the negative in any way. Overall, the film is quite a thriller, very well realistically made, and pretty unforgettable.

Ryan W (br) wrote: This is just weak and as predictable as any horror film you will ever see

daren y (jp) wrote: love this movie too.... Charles Bronson is totally awesome in all his movies!!!

Andrew O (us) wrote: Heavy and dark, inspired by film noir less in style than in the thick substance of the story, often romanticizing what would be realism in a classic noir. While still impressive, the high school setting doesn't feel fully utilized, as if they went in a direction that would have worked no matter what the setting was.

Moe M (au) wrote: This was a good car chase movie. There were a few scenes that reminded me of Gone im 60 seconds with N Cage. Definitely when Toby was being chased through Detroit and was driving backwards through the alley. That was classic Gone in 60. I liked when they went into first person mode when they were driving. It reminded me of the game. It had the game feel to it at the end when they were racing through the forest then along the coastline. Classic NFS!