Riktiga män bär alltid slips

Riktiga män bär alltid slips


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Riktiga män bär alltid slips torrent reviews

Shireen H (ca) wrote: This was hilarious. It's the female version of Hangover.

Matthew M (mx) wrote: meh. not to bad... nothing laugh out loud or scary... nothing really exceptional actually. the main plot was a bit lack luster and over would have liked more

Callum B (ag) wrote: allright, funny at times.

irin T (au) wrote: interesting film about relationships and men&women, but too long and sometimes unnecessarily intense.

Carlos M (gb) wrote: An amusing satirical film that may take us more than one viewing to grasp its subtle, dark humor and the sharp irony of what it wants to say involving ethics and morality - and it benefits immensely from some very nuanced characters played by the actors in excellent performances.

Brian K (mx) wrote: A nadir in Italian sword-and-sandal epics...and boy, that's saying something.

Will T (au) wrote: It might go without saying, but it's far from satisfying. Cage's character is an incoherent caricature, his acting and lines are all over the place; Yelchin too is completely implausible as a CIA operative, and the plot is far-fetched, mostly rattled off in ad-hoc character dialogues. The pace is thoroughly inconsistent and the third act is idiotically cut, with the climax scene repeated twice for no other purpose than showing a laughable action sequence with cap guns.

Lisa E (kr) wrote: I've read the book at least 5 times and watched the movie too many times to count. It's in my top 5 of favorite books/films

JohnnyLee T (ru) wrote: Powerful, powerful movie. I'm sure everyone involved in it is justfiedly proud of it.

Anders A (ag) wrote: Set in France WWI, a general pushes a wounded-army towards a living hell. Purely fucking of it's own army, the result is horrible. Though the general denying his own fault, goes after his own soliders, through a faulty and unrightous military-court. Kirk Douglas has to defend his own men, putting up a class A performance.

Jnior S (it) wrote: O ltimo grande filme de Woody Allen