Ring 0: Birthday

Ring 0: Birthday

In this prequel to Ring, a young Sadako becomes an actress in hopes of escaping her troubled past. But strange visions and terrifying powers begin to manifest...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:journalist,   murder,   ghost,  

Go back in time about 30 years ago when the story of Ringu (part 1) happened, the film told about the life of Sadako Yamamura 19 - the horrors of the previous parts. She had talent, but some of the other performers start to get jealous of the attention he gives her. After that, strange visions and terrifying powers began to manifest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ring 0: Birthday torrent reviews

brett l (mx) wrote: The wolf pack hahaha

Kurt B (jp) wrote: Downton Abbey, but a tad bit more bohemian.

Tishka F (mx) wrote: Had its stagy moments ... but I enjoyed the perspective and the personality.

Michael J (ca) wrote: The longer this movie went on the worse the acting got, the worse the plot got, and the worse the directing got. There is a tiny bit of suspense but the antagonist was barely fleshed out and pretty dumb. The movie tried to introduce some supernatural element, but they failed miserably. This is a B movie trying to be an A, an that's the saddest thing of all.

Sylvester K (it) wrote: Finally, someone actually made the adaptation of Atlas Shrugged come true. The first part of Atlas Shrugged consists of the 10 chapters from part 1 of the book, we are introduced to Dagny Taggart the savvy headstrong businesswoman who struggles to overcome the regulations from the government (and her own brother) to maintain the family business in railroad company, she saw the opportunity to revive the company through the use of a new type of steel invented by Henry "Hank" Rearden to lay the tracks. Despite the public tried to do everything to stop her, she held on to her belief and it was a success. She then discovered a revolutionary motor which could convert static electricity to kinetic energy along with Hank, but the motor was incomplete and abandoned by the inventor. As she tried to track down the inventor, government moves closer and closer to destroy her. I was thrilled to see this film as I've read the book and regarding it as one of the highest achievements in human history, but the film simply did not live up to the standard I expected nor as the standard of the book. The script did not come even close to what the book has written, yeh I was excited to hear the dialogues that followed the lines from the book but they were slightly altered for the sake of the less intelligent; the film was really rushed that it missed out a lot of the important details from the book. I mean, how can you transform 300 pages of words into a movie that only last 102 minutes? Even Dead Until Dark was adapted to 12 hours of True Blood and it was only 292 pages long. The film only covered the surface of the novel without going into the theories of Objectivism, Ayn Rand would be so mad if she was alive today and saw the film (as she did with The Fountainhead) The best part of the film was the casting, each character was exactly as what I would imagine for them to look like (except Hank would is blond in the book) Taylor Schilling was simply divine, I wouldn't find anyone else to play Dagny than her, she did a marvelous job. Grant Bowler was perfect too! (Kiwi pride) but the best casting award has to go to Rebecca Wisocky, she was perfect to play Hank's devious moocher wife. The main theme was great, it gave me the chills. The set design was simply yet great, extremely dystopian yet balanced out the limitation of having such a low budget. Overall, ambitious yet felt short.

Susanne F (br) wrote: Lots of tears...one of the best films!!

Tyler M (au) wrote: Even with Jack Black and Andy Dick, this movie was only mildly funny. What am I saying? Jack Black's only *ever* mildly funny.

(jp) wrote: A quartet of interesting characters played by capable actresses. The dynamics of the groups are presented quite well, but for one aspect: the young sister's irrational fear of the mistress remains unexplained, even though it is essential to the culmination of the drama. Even so, the film's merits are enough to make it worthwhile.

Colin D (mx) wrote: Silly premise, but Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr give some great musical performances

Joan Pau R (it) wrote: No doubt this is very well crafted, and beautifully filmed, but the fighting tricks become rather predictable. What annoyed me however was the political message, so obviosuly anachronistic, nationalistic, and unsubtle. Totalitarianism and all its crimes justified in the name of 'unity and peace'.

Marty B (es) wrote: the live performance that so many can only dream of matching - A MUST WATCH FOR ALL COMEDY FANS

Jordan C (nl) wrote: Not bad. It suffers from the same flaw that many other movies have when trying to portray such a lengthy period of time- no real gauge of how much time has passed. The lack of pacing would make it difficult to follow for those out there who haven't already studied that time in English history. Excellent job on the part of Harris and Guinness though, they elevated the movie far above what it would have been without them.

Eliabeth H (au) wrote: What a shame. Such a great cast, but what a weak story line. I would not even have started watching it, were it not for the actors...

Keith W (mx) wrote: The epic photography, acting and attention to detail make this a wonderful film worthy of multiple viewing. The only reason I give it 4.5 not 5 stars is that I think it would have been even better without some of the factual changes. The soldiers were mostly from a Warwickshire regiment rather than Wales; Otto Witt was younger and left to join his family at a nearby farmstead; Hook was not a malingering rogue; there were native Natal forces fighting with the British; the Zulus did not sing to salute them but because they were short of supplies and a relief column did appear; starting with 20.000 rounds the defenders ended with only 900! However, the basic story is told accurately and the attack on the hospital is more or less exactly what happened as was the retreat to the inner redoubt. In fact, there's so much detail in this film it could well have been longer rather than shorter.Those that complain about colonialism, racism and sexism in the film miss the point. This film tells it as it was and I think is probably the most accurate film of a single battle that has ever been made. In retrospect Michael Caine is given top billing but this is surely Stanley Baker's film from start to finish.In reality, the colour sergeant eschewed a VC and asked for promotion instead. He went on to be a Lt-Col and was the last survivor of the battle to die aged 91!

Rick L (fr) wrote: Excellent all time movie