Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Frank Gorshin and his girlfriend, Joyce Taylor, are on the run from the law when apprehended and arrested by the Sherriff..

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1961
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   fire,   forest,  

Frank Gorshin and his girlfriend, Joyce Taylor, are on the run from the law when apprehended and arrested by the Sherriff, David Janssen. During the transport to jail Gorshin escapes and in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leandro B (jp) wrote: Aunque por momentos se cae y se siente un poco aburrida,esta pelicula logra que le agarremos cario al personaje principal a pesar de su oscuro pasado.y andrew hace un trabajo excelente

Michael B (ca) wrote: Just to piss off Sarah, I thought this was a very interesting film which looks at how hard it is for people to escape the circumstances in which they find themselves and the immense frustration that goes with that. And only one of the brothers is interested in becoming a footballer.

Prach P (fr) wrote: "Dogville", narrated in elegant poetic prose, is a movie about a city lady who, fleeing a group of mafia, took refuge in an isolated American village and tried to win trust of the villagers. On a deeper level, the film is an incredibly dark story of human hypocrisy, secret yearnings, unspeakable crimes, crippling guilt, self-defensive denial, and rationalisation of selfishness. I think it is an excellent, excellent film.It is excellent, first of all, in its showing how evil can spread, like a plague, in a community of otherwise passably decent people. In this respect, it is similar to "The Hunt" (Thomas Vinterberg, 2013), another brilliant film that depicts how evil can arise in a close-knit community of kind, caring people. (But while "The Hunt" is, I think, a realistic study of evil, "Dogville" doesn't aim to be completely realistic. It exaggerates and also satirises.)The film is also excellent in its portrayal of how people hide, suppress, and release their jealousy, sexual desires, ill will, and their moral fetish for punishment of others. The film portrays the forms of these actions accurately and insightfully, I think, even though it exaggerates the magnitude of the desires to unrealistic levels.The film seems satirical in some places, but serious in other places. With fierce pointedness (helped by the poetic narration), it satirises how people put up an appearance of decency as a facade for hypocrisy and cruelty. Meanwhile, some parts of the film are, I think, intended as serious messages about human nature.Where it is intended to be serious, the film propagates very conservative messages indeed. It gives justification for draconian laws, tit-for-tat violence, corporal punishment, and strict moral education. Given that the film paints an unrealistically dark picture of human nature, the moral conclusions it draws from that picture should not be taken seriously.

Paul D (de) wrote: Given that this is a fictional account of Agatha Christie's missing days it could have been a lot more imaginative with the storyline.

Christine R (ca) wrote: Bette Davis was excellent as Julie, a spoiled southern belle with a spiteful streak. When her fiance (Henry Fonda) can not go with her to pick up a dress for a ball because he is working she rebels and eventually loses him as her plan backfires. A year later yellow fever has broken out in New Orleans, and herex-fiance returns married to a yankee. Some of the old South pre-Civil War storyline is uncomfortable, but I am sure pretty right on. Very similar to Gone With the Wind, and just as good on less grand scale.

Private U (br) wrote: good movie comic great idea