Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

The main character, Johnny Woo, is a Chinese doctor who has given up fighting in the ring. His brother is a teacher in a kick-boxing club. Johnny Woo fall in love with Julie, whose brother is a teacher in a rival kick-boxing club. Tension builds up...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:40 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Ring of Fire 1991 full movies, Ring of Fire torrents movie

This spectacular presentation explores the volcano belt known as the Ring of Fire. Breathtaking cinematography displays close up shots of past and present Pacific Rim volcanoes from Chile, USA, Japan and the Philippines. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ring of Fire torrent reviews

Joshua S (it) wrote: Meh. RomCom but had it's funny moments.

Tyler A (de) wrote: strange movie had some moments but overall poorly done last 15 mins as the best part

Leena L (us) wrote: Dennis Quaid as Clinton, well..... otherwise not bad, interesting for sure.

Pete G (fr) wrote: Superb, so funny from start to finish, love it

Ed C (nl) wrote: One line summary: Simple, beautiful story executed with compelling direction and acting.----------------------------------------------------------- Mark walks into a small town in Spain. In the town square, he opens an old shop for which he has keys. Biel wounds his hand, gets help from Mark, then asks for a job repairing things in the shop. Celia hides from the cops in his shop for about five minutes one day. Later, he helps patch her up after someone punches her in the face. Mark does not speak Spanish. Next to no one in the town has any English. This makes for some interesting interactions. Mark is looking for something in the surrounding countryside. He mounts a large topographical map on one of his walls. He makes notations at the places where he has visited. The people in the town come up with a variety of explanations of Mark's presence. Celia makes some progress in teaching Mark Spanish in exchange for temporary shelter and meals. Klaus, the violin player, on the other hand, speaks German and not as much Spanish. The two cops are trying to figure out what Biel and Celia are doing while spending time with Mark. It was a lovely moment when Biel fixes the tap, which used to turn out the lights. People bring all sorts of things to Mark's establishment, thinking the objects will be directly applicable to his business. Together with Biel's work, the place starts to look rather nice. Mark's quest starts to look more coherent on the map. The cops finally ask for ID after they ask the local realtor about sales; there were none. They never get around to asking how Mark got the key to the place. While at the police station, Mark sees a photo of a man at a place he sort of recalls; the police help him find where it is on a map. Celia fails her physical since she has an inherited pulmonary problem. She had intended to work on tanks in the armed forces. She gets in a row with her father, and punches the cop who thinks he is her boyfriend. The cop gives chase; the next morning she's missing. Biel looks for her. Mark seems to be very close to finding what he was looking for. When Biel lets Mark know that Celia has gone missing, Mark immediately joins the search. Will they find Celia? Will Mark find what he was looking for?-----Scores------ Cinematography: 10/10 No problems. Sound: 10/10 Good. Acting: 10/10 Colm Meany at his best, and his best was very good. Fine supporting actors. Screenplay: 10/10 Lovely story, with just the right level of resolution. The communication accomplished against language barriers was exceptional between the mature, compassionate older man and the two young people.

Ed E (br) wrote: This movie was great its one of my new favorites! Its based on a true story which gives it a depth. Its a movie about human nature, overcoming obstacles and true friendship. The movie was honest. It was funny(I'm a Ron Livingston Fan- Office Space), the acting was amazing! The dialog was witty and thought provoking. I found it personally challenging me to evaluate how I treat those who are different or disabled. It will remind you the difference 1 person can make and the power of determination. A major congrats to my friend Bret McKinney who wrote it. Great job!

Maranda F (br) wrote: One of the better foreign films I have seen.

Riccardo R (us) wrote: Non certamente uno dei film meglio riusciti di Schwarzenegger e l'argomento trattato piuttosto inflazionato in questo periodo.Manca di quel qualcosa che lo distingua dalla massa dei film riguardanti lo stesso argomento.

Harry W (ag) wrote: Places in the Heart has a story worth telling, but it lacks the appropriate running length to fill us all in. It seems like Places in the Heart cuts too short when the story was just getting to inspiring dramatically parts,What fixes the film is it's exceptional acting from it's flawless cast.Sally Field is an excellent lead with emotional intensity to a realistic level and never too melodramatic because her performance exceeds it. You find yourself rooting for her so much through out the story that it makes you want to yell at the screen "Yes, Sally. We really like you!"Excellent support comes from John Malkovich who's so excellently convincing as a blind man that he requires no sunglasses to block the path of his eyes or even the vision to act. Places in the a heart is a prime example of some of the strongest natural talent conveyed in John Malkovich's career. How he's never won an Academy award is beyond me because a man with such an excellent balance between physical and vocal acting deserves the highest honour available. I feel as if John Malkovich will end up like Peter O'Toole, so largely respected but never getting to the Oscar.Danny Glover supports the characters every step of the way with civil drama and events making you feel for him as well as cheer for him, even when he steals.Places in the Heart also absorbs an excellent time setting with convincing costumes, locations and lighting as well as a great screenplay successfully capturing the heart of the intended tone of the emotional story.I gues by Today's standards, Places in the Heart is much like The Pursuit of Happiness, except that it substitutes an more appropriately uplifting ending for a cliffhanger and a flawless cast, led by the excellent and beautiful Sally Field.

Justin B (ru) wrote: It felt messy at times but in the end, just like Jerry Maguire, we all start to figure it out. Great performances and a powerful message but with light, feel good atmosphere.

Joshua L (de) wrote: I liked this alot. IT was the right kinda fucked up for this kinda movie. It's pretty freaky, definitely creepy and I think it accomplishes what it set out to do. I think maybe the ending could've been bigger, more climactic but it was satisfying enough. Overall I dig it.