Ring the Bell

Ring the Bell

When high-powered sports agent Rob Decker arrives looking for his next major league prospect, he finds more than he bargained for at the Cooke Boys Ranch. As he works to secure Shawn Hart, the top high school baseball prospect in the country, he encounters a cast of characters who value happiness and common sense over dollars and cents.

When high-powered sports agent Rob Decker arrives looking for his next major league prospect, he finds more than he bargained for at the Cooke Boys Ranch. As he works to secure Shawn Hart, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maha M (ag) wrote: I love a movie with a very strong female lead

Igor A (fr) wrote: Darryl Hannah vo film na Asylum. Pisi propalo...taka doznavas koj veke ne go biva i koj ne e baran...

David M (nl) wrote: This movie was average in every way & only good for a boring weeknight in on the couch. Tries to mix meaningful family drama with assassin/spy action but it honestly didn't work.

Farah R (mx) wrote: Doremus's romantic drama has nothing particularly new or exciting to offer, but still manages to achieve a rating on the good level. The notable cast and pleasant cinematography accompanied by Dustin O'Halloran's beautiful score justify Breath In as a decent and enjoyable movie.

Taylor M (gb) wrote: For a WWE film it wasn't all that bad. But it wasn't all that good either. It just didn't hold my attention.

Kimberly W (ca) wrote: Revolution OS explains why freedom of choice in the computer world is important and how this impacts the world. A very intellectual movie which shows how ethics are involved in the distribution of software. It explains WHY this should concern you.

Alexis A (mx) wrote: Sounds like a porno...doubt it but still

Agus B (gb) wrote: esta un poco devaluada,pero es una buena pelicula,la dos si es una basura

Lilia P (kr) wrote: For a short movie it's pretty good. Almost as good as the ring and the ring 2. Due to its short lengh it is more intense than a regular movie. Ryan Merriman acts very well as someone who will die in seven days.

Courtney B (jp) wrote: a great, great soundtrack...

Nicholas E (nl) wrote: TV MOVIE. Very goof film written and directed by Curtis Hanson. ABC 3/3/1986.

Spencer S (ru) wrote: An easily forgotten, but not altogether horrible romantic comedy, this turkey was written by Neil Simon in his first time writing a screenplay straight for the screen. All the elements for a good eighties slapstick comedy are there: Chevy Chase as the bumbling misanthropic foil, Goldie Hawn as the slightly bubble headed but still do-good protagonist, and Charles Grodin as her long suffering second husband. While there isn't anything new to see in yet another romantic comedy about a love triangle, it still has the same zest and slapstick humor of the old Hollywood goofball comedies of the thirties and forties, which is what Neil Simon was going for. What I find repellant is how long they drag out every single, solitary, gag. The wife hides her ex from her current husband, and oftentimes is almost caught for her efforts, and so it's awkward and funny, and eventually she rambles something incoherent and stumbles out of the room. We've all seen these pratfalls before, but lingering on bad puns does not make them funny, as is the same rule of thumb for prompting chemistry between two leads. Though there are some genuinely feel good moments, it's nothing new compared to the rest of Simon's repertoire.

Ari S (mx) wrote: This is a rare character performance that Jake Gilenhaal portrayed with fluid, sleek and brilliant depth. The film tackled something that's happening in the here and now. As our technology becomes more advanced it invites challenge and challenge invites conflict clamoring for more. The film top to bottom is rare in the way we haven't explored such an interesting character whom we know nothing about besides the way he portrays himself. Ambitious. Clever, droll and absolutely terrifying. Yet interesting and thought provoking. A true sociopath who becomes more dangerous with each day. Highly recommend if not for the subject matter, visuals, performances or even music

Lee P (de) wrote: Casting choices confuse unnecessarily. The two men, according to the wiki page on the source novel, are far enough apart in age that a father-son relationship develops. This was not apparent in the movie, with the result that the relationship between them was hard to understand.