Rio 70

Rio 70

Sumuru, the beautiful leader of the all-female kingdom of Femina, plans to use her women to take over the world.

Jeff Sutton arrives in Rio de Janeiro with a suitcase with 10 million dollars, and the powerful mobster Sir Masius sends his henchman Carl with his gangsters to follow Jeff and get the money. Jeff has one affair with the manicure Leslye and succeeds to escape from Sir Masius' mobsters. Meanwhile, Sumuru, the leader of the women of the City of Femina that wants to defeat the men and take over the world, captures Jeff and brings him to Femina expecting to get the money. Sumuru has several prisoners locked in glass cages, including Ulla Rossini, who knows Jeff Sutton. Jeff discloses to Ulla that his arrival is part of a plan to save her from Sumuru. Jeff Sutton becomes a pawn in the middle of the war between Masius and Sumuru. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rio 70 torrent reviews

Victor L (ag) wrote: Actually want to see black version.

Nick P (br) wrote: At moments, it feels like the director wishes he was shooting an experimental film, instead of a drama...I guess that's why this film is considered "arthouse". Overall, for something that takes itself so seriously, it's SO hard to believe and INCREDIBLY unrealistic...and not in a "fantasy" sort of way. And the ending? You have to be kidding me.

Jonas W (kr) wrote: Loads of stereotypes and crappy CG, but kind of interesting!

Dustin I (us) wrote: Well acted and disturbingly delicious, this is a steamy period romance with unfortunate results!

Eric D (ca) wrote: Awkward. Clunky. Disjointed. Lousy effects. Sean Connery as a retired 19th century gentleman-explorer-doctor??? But, also: Zeppelins! Claudia Cardinale! Russian ice-breakers! Swedish mercenaries! Windswept Arctic wastes!Clunkiest movie I ever loved.

Mad M (de) wrote: Decent, but it lacks depth.

Matt W (kr) wrote: Not nearly as bad as the reviews...Beau Bridges is terrible (or his script is) but Wahlberg and the epic Mila Kunis are entertaining...isn't that why we go to movies?

Karolis R (de) wrote: Captivating story. Not sure what I like about it the most but it's great to see how 'uncurable' shortcomings can be fixed using unorthodox methods. Applies in life quite often, doesn't it?

Alex S (it) wrote: Self-aware, but really just a big waste of time, WolfCop harkens back to the B-horror days of cinema but that's only a scapegoat for the fact that it's just a poorly made movie.