Rio 2

Rio 2

It's a jungle out there for Blu, Jewel and their three kids after they're hurtled from Rio de Janeiro to the wilds of the Amazon. As Blu tries to fit in, he goes beak-to-beak with the vengeful Nigel, and meets the most fearsome adversary of all: his father-in-law.

Part 2 of series Rio talks about the happy life of Blu and Jewel with 3 kids in Brazil. One day, Lewel realizes that her kids need to learn how to live like a real bird. Thence she decides to move to Amazone. While adapting with the new life, Blu gradually loses his confidence and becomes nervous that the call of the wild will rob Jewel and his kids. How will everything become? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rio 2 torrent reviews

Gus L (kr) wrote: Very poorly written movie, it feels like 3rd graders wrote the script for this movie. The acting was very good none the less, but the script was just terrible.1/2 star for me.

Trina S (ca) wrote: glad i got this documentary..

Lucas Y (jp) wrote: I can't believe the positive feedback the piece of shit is receiving. Yes, I'm a white conservative from the Midwest who enjoys football, tits and beer, but I appreciate good stories and have enjoyed several films with similar themes and dialog that I don't always find comfortable. Movies like this just make our generation look hopeless. The characters are a bunch of pretentious, self righteous, self conscious assholes. Every conversation in the film is simply two or more people trying to out wit each other back & forth and it's VERY annoying. Joshua Leonard plays the same character in every film or tv show I've seen him in, a maggot hipster. The writing, pacing and direction of this film is awful. Nothing happens. No lessons are learned. It's not funny. 'Clerks' probably had a larger budget. I take nothing positive from my viewing experience. I wish I could erase this from my memory.

Michael E (ag) wrote: it doesnt match the charm of the original show but its okay

Red L (es) wrote: Liv Tyler plays Lucy who arrives in Tuscany to meet family, be sculpted, find out who her father is and to lose her virginity. Liv is quite beautiful as is the Italian countryside, and coming of age stories are always fun, but this movie is tastefully done.

Everett J (gb) wrote: Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasywritten and directed by Lon Paul De Bruynstarring Susanna Makay, Hajni Brown, Csilla Farago, Nicole Gyony, Magdalana Ryman, Any Schultz, Agatha PalaceIf you can get past the laughable narrative, the hideous scene selection, wretched music, cringe-worthy acting, pointless voice over narration and dodgy special effects then you are a much better person than I. The girls are indeed quite attractive but the actual sexuality in the film is not as billed. There is quite a bit of teasing, panting, moaning, etc. but nothing remotely worth the title whatsoever. Maybe the title is ironic because all of the ?nurses? in this film seem to be utterly incapable of experiencing anything remotely near ecstasy. The story seems to involve a whole host of hot women writhing about and shooting assault weapons at every opportunity. Apparently there is one woman named Sabrina (Makay) who reads comic books and fantasizes about erotic death. There is a war between two women?the leader Ilsa (Brown) and her former girlfriend Greta (Farago). They seem to be fighting over Sabrina but ultimately it doesn?t much matter because the plot is not necessary in viewing this production. It really is about hot chicks and guns which is always worth watching no matter how bad the actual film is. In this case, it?s bad enough to be funny and that?s no mean feat. It does have a campy feel simply because it?s so poorly realized and the film makers are certainly attempting to put out a quality product but just don?t have the skill to do so.This is from Troma and over the years they?ve put out similarly exretable material for an audience that I just cannot fathom. Titles escape me but I remember seeing several in the ?90's and they left the same impression on me which is not much. The film attempts to be about decadence and the horrors that have afflicted a poor girl who has totally given herself up to absolute filth and degradation. Sabrina is a fresh flower who has submitted to every pestilence and is completely bored. Actually, all the girls are bored because they?ve all gone as far in filth as human beings can go. They are at the saturation point and can go no further with their rotten habits that seem to involve sadomasochism which the film suggests is an extreme form of sexual behavior. We do see some classy flogging and whipping along with some poor woman having her entrails pulled out of her body when she?s still alive.Every few minutes the film is interrupted by a voice over narrator and it truly takes the viewer out of the film. It is allegedly there to help the viewer clarify the emotional and psychosexual state of the actors being presented in the film. It drones on and on about how deviant and irredeemable everyone in the film is. It?s ultimately completely ludicrous because nothing on screen is deviant in the slightest and is in face exceedingly tame in the larger confines of sexual activity. Yes, the bondage might be considered a bit more off kilter than the rest but it?s just a bit of light tapping with a whip a flogger. It?s not particularly dangerous and it doesn?t come off as sadistic in the slightest. Read degradation would have been much more brutal coupled with a touch of tenderness and warmth. It?s always better to mix your sorrows with something akin to beauty otherwise the audience gets jaded and, later, bored. Overall, this film just doesn?t deliver on its promises. It pretends to be subversive and threatening to the order of things but it just fails on every level to satisfy the viewer looking for true and lasting perversion in cinema. It?s always a shame when they make such promises and are too inept to carry through with them. When a film insists too much that it is depraved it hardly ever is in a real, discernible way. Indeed, this film tries to sell itself through its narration as a wholly vile and cruel but it just comes off as much funnier than they intended. When a film fails in its intent to scare and/or sicken a person it?s pathetic when this is all they can come up with. Yes, there are breasts but little else. There is no real s&m, no terror, no heart break. It?s not that vulgar; the violence is fake. The only redeeming quality in this film is that it features reasonably attractive women shooting guns as mentioned. Of course they all look incredibly stupid holding their weapons but at least they are wandering through the forest locked, loaded and ready to kill.

Petros T (nl) wrote: I don't fancy Michael Jackson but admittedly this is a good film. Landis's direction, although too similar to Romero's "Night Of The Living Dead", is inspired while Vincent Price's narration, Bernstein's score and Rick Baker's remarkable make-up create a notable atmosphere. It's an old-fashioned video but the zombie dance is cult at its best.

Mau R (jp) wrote: This is a great deeply impacting and out of the normal film, about an orthodox Catholic saint

Stephen B (kr) wrote: As Elvis movie's go; this one is easy to watch with a pretty good handful of songs, and a few laughs along the way.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Pretty standard WWI tale, but it's classed up and made better than average by director Howard Hawks, writer Dudley Nichols (with a reported dialogue polish by William Faulkner), director of photography James Wong Howe, and star John Garfield. Still, you've seen this story a hundred times before and the casual racism is pretty hard to watch at times, but despite all that, it remains a well made entertaining story, with loads of wartime action in the last reel.

Derek W (ca) wrote: Best enjoyed either with a joint in your hand or the prior expectation of seeing one of the most famous so-bad-it's-good B-movies of all time.