Copper Jack Stone purposefully orchestrates a bank robbery in order to be thrown into prison with the notorious Russian kingpin Balam. Balam is more than just a mob criminal; he's a very cunning and dangerous lord who controls the police force from behind bars. Balam lives in prison as a cover for his real power, which is King of the city. His cell is a lavish private room built specifically for him, inaccessible to most in the depths of the prison structure. Even the warden fears venturing into his area of the prison. However, even surrounded by his loyal henchmen and guards in his sectioned off fortress, Balam doesn't know Jack is coming for him to avenge his family, who Balam murdered in cold blood. Balam is tough... but Jack is tougher.

Copper Jack Stone purposefully commits a crime in order to be thrown into prison with the notorious Russian kingpin Balam. He goes there with a plot: to avenge his family who were killed ruthlessly by Balam. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua T (mx) wrote: The pacing, atmosphere, animation, characters, dialogue and the incredibly intriguing plot all lead to one of, if not, THE best written story I've ever seen in an Anime film.Even though I haven't seen the show that this film is based off (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), I still could almost follow the entire story as I was paying attention to the plot intricacies and twists and I did some background research on the characters and the synopsis of the show beforehand, so it's not an absolute requirement to watch the Anime series as I absolutely loved how interesting this film was and I felt connected with the characters; I especially felt the anxiety and confusion that Kyon felt throughout the course of the narrative.I highly recommend this film for people who love time travel, alternate realities, parallel world-esque plots. You will really dig this film, just as long as you read up on the basic premise of the show, this movie and the characters that inhabit it as it will help you appreciate and understand it more.

James W (ca) wrote: Robert Rodriguez's immature imagination and sense of humur is on over load. The first 2 are easily the best. The jokes in this one are way too juvenile. Rodriguez's last couple of movies are as if he's not even trying to make a good movie. He's just releasing what goes on in that weird mind of his.

Greg S (br) wrote: A romance novel writer and a stunt man specializing in explosives develop a plan to extort millions from a perpetually stoned playboy. It sounded like a solid plan---oddball characters played by Crispin Glover and Christian Slater double-crossing each other in an adaptation of a Leonard Elmore novel---but the director bungled the the caper badly with unbelievable characterizations and jokes that fall flat.

Connor C (fr) wrote: American Splendor is wrought with humor both meant with sympathy and sarcasm and remarkably colorful yet ordinary characters. Paul Giamatti gives an all around mesmerizing performance as a depressed everyman who has immortalized himself as such a character. The underling tone and message are well thought out and well delivered.

Michael G (gb) wrote: Awesome portrayal of Jesse James! Portrayed by the perfect actor who not only did not botch it up, but in my opinion, made an almost better Jesse then the original!Larter as stunning as ever, for once that I have ever seen, was not some psychotic female or some evil temptress, but a cheerful specimen of womanhood, a part rarely played by her, but a part well played by her nevertheless. If she had parts more akin to this in other movies, I would like her more as an actor...Caan, oddly enough was not portrayed as a douche in the film. Surprisingly he played the part perfect as a jealous outlaw who also had a professional side. Though as a personal side note, I believe he gave the movie a bad taste. IMHO the movie would of been just as good without him.I Highly recommend this movie, the only reason for a 1/2 star notch off, is due to the unnecessary swearing. But, I would say disregard that and go watch it!and PS:"Better......slow down.Dynamite ahead.Too late.You're dead."

Chad M (br) wrote: incredibly directed filmI have a problem with the depiction of motivation of Tim Streeter, and a few over acting issues. Amazing that this was shot with money saved by Gus Van Sant in his advertising job.

Teemu I (ru) wrote: I have at most a passing interest in graffiti, but this doc is a gem.

Max L (de) wrote: Perfect display of pissed off dont give a fuck youth. Absolutely brilliant Tim Roth is the best. Also for all americans who still think england is a victorian world of pompous rotten teeth intellectuals: watch this movie.

Ray D (gb) wrote: Fantastic cinematography . . . interesting commentary on mental illness and love

Maiyu C (de) wrote: Brilliant Steiner score and funny plot with exciting action and an awesome set!

David C (fr) wrote: One of the worst films I've watched in my life.

Nicky N (ag) wrote: This Movie Sucked.This Movie Was So Short And Boring.The Only Thing I Like About This Movie Is That It Had A Good Cast.D

Daniel D (mx) wrote: Yeah, this is no 80's classic, but it's still a pretty nice film. Interesting look at the day to day dilemmas in education.

Mark K (au) wrote: cracks misses the mark on every level but some cool visuals.