Rip Off

Rip Off


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Rip Off torrent reviews

Paula M (ca) wrote: not my type of movie

Ibraheem M (ag) wrote: Just Like Heaven doesn't even reach half of the standards of the similar movie Ghost despite that Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo give their best making the film worth watching.

Samuel B (ru) wrote: Wow, this was a very good movie! One of the few I will give the full 5 star rating on here too. This is a movie about documentary film makers in Argentina, a love story surrounding the making and resurrection of the documentary about a local and legendary Argentenian bar called El Chino. Makes me want to visit that bar. Check this movie out, but note it is in Spanish and thus sub-titled for non-spanish speakers.

Mike S (br) wrote: Enjoyable enough, with its style based on 1960s sex comedies. However, a few parts become too silly, and the over the top style and characters of the film grows tired after awhile.

Daniel P (us) wrote: Seems like the prototype.

David K (us) wrote: Pretty interesting and entertaining. I still prefer the Eisenstein of silence though.

Scott W (kr) wrote: Nicholson, Dunaway, and the great John Hurt in a crime story / film noir with a twist...

Daniel P (br) wrote: The production values of this low budget supernatural thriller are variable, with very impressive make-up and music one moment and then amateurish footage and disappointing effects the next, but the standard of the acting is strong and the overall atmosphere more than makes up for its limitations.