Rise of the Animals

Rise of the Animals

In a world where animals have turned on humanity, a teen travels across the country in search of the girl of his dreams.

In a world where animals have turned on humanity, a teen travels across the country in search of the girl of his dreams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brenda L (ru) wrote: Cute, funny, and Jaime Camil is very easy on the eyes!

Kevin B (ag) wrote: modest and toned down drama with good performances butt a story that is hard to be believed at least in the way it was told.

Mohammed A (mx) wrote: The attempt to explain this part of the world was grossly mishandled. Somewhat lazy I must say. Despite the calibre of actors assembled, the movie came short of being crippled by the combination of international and local actors. Notice the extent of which the local and international actors were being separated.

Bryan K (ag) wrote: Great streamworthy (netflix) doc about a truly likable and intriguing artist.

Millo T (de) wrote: Very good thriller, although is less interesting at the end.

Lisa B (de) wrote: WTF is that smell coming from your crawl space? Dead bodies!!

Cynthia S (br) wrote: A really good foreign movie. Plenty of action, and romance. It also had some silly stuff which always makes me like movies even better.

Liam C (mx) wrote: Enjoyable. With a unique setting but accompanied by a predictable, if not fun to get to ending; 'Honeymoon in Vegas' makes for great entertainment. Cage is lovable but goofy. Caan changed from annoying to likable and back to annoying. I felt like the motivation for his actions is not strong enough to do what he does, sure, he is given a reason and you can sympathize with him but the extremity it reaches is not that great of a reason, above all else... His voice is awesome. Parker is gullible and easily distrusting. It is a situation where 'the story fits the characters' not, 'the characters fit the story'- which is what it should be. However, it is simple to see what Bergman was aiming for. You know, those romcoms where the lover is about to leave and the original boyfriend chases after her on a scooter. It has moments of humor and outrageous moments, often played by Mr. Cage. It's a nice little film that Bergman states 'won't change your life, but you'll walk away saying, that was pretty good' and I agree with him. The ending will just blow you away.

Myo D (au) wrote: Zaujimava premisa, ktora ma oslovila v rovnomennom serialovom spracovani predlohy, ma v tomto pripade sklamala kvalitou. Kazdopadne je to dobra ukazka vnimania nastupu technologii pred 40 rokmi, ktora si udrziava relevantnost aj v sucasnom kontexte.

Kenny K (mx) wrote: Plodding attempt to capture Hermann Hesse's brilliant novel. If you plan to read the book, skip the movie, but if you didn't read it in high school, you probably won't read it now. More's the pity, because Siddhartha's quest for spiritual enlightenment mirrors that of all seekers. The Siddhartha of the book and movie is NOT Gautama Siddhartha, the Buddha. They merely share the same name, though the title character crosses path with the Buddha and studies with him for a time. But they soon diverge when the younger man sees the flaws in seeking knowledge from others and vows to "listen to no teacher forevermore." Instead, he embarks on his own experiential journey, passing through asceticism, materialism, sexual desire, and the inevitable emptiness that follows all pleasures and pains of mortality. In the end, Siddhartha returns to the Ganges River, where he is truly enlightened by the ferryman, for whom he apprentices, then replaces on the river. Near the end of his life, Kamala, the courtesan he shared his passions with, comes to the river crossing, following the Buddha, and is there bit by an asp. She dies, but not before bequeathing to Siddhartha a teenaged son he never knew he had. The son rejects Siddhartha and leaves, and for the first time Siddhartha knows loss, which is the root of all pain, according to the eight-fold path. From this nadir of existence, Siddhartha eventually recovers, and finally meets his childhood friend Govinda, who has been a follower of the Buddha, but now comes to Siddhartha for further englightenment. "Look to the river," said Siddhartha. "Everything changes, but everything returns as well." This abandonment of desire in the understanding of the cyclical nature of life is the ultimate truth of Buddhism, and Siddhartha finds release from the cares of the world as he recognizes that only in wanting nothing can one be truly free. Sven Nykvist, Bergman's famous cinematographer, paints each scene in loving colors and shadow and the water metaphor is continued throughout, somewhat clumsily. The movie races along, in order to include all Siddhartha's stages of life, and so the result is a catalog of yearnings and the disppointment of achievement, but the bigger lesson shines through: we are spiritual beings, seeking knowledge and wisdom. We must not let life interfere with our quest.

Joseph B (us) wrote: A Mexican comedy which has aged as well as a glass of milk left in the sun, but Cantinflas and the cast of Americans reading their Spanish lines phonetically still bring on the laughs.

Garrett C (de) wrote: I had extraordinarily low expectations going into this film, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by it. I find it strange that it is so frequently described as "torture porn" or as being some kind of all-out dumb gore fest, because really most of the movie is a 90's psychological thriller film filmed in the 2000's. It's got a lot more than what the critics make it out to be, especially in character and clever storytelling (although it trips more than a few times in that dept.). Overall, not a great film but a surprisingly well made and memorable low budget thriller.