Rise of the Black Bat

Rise of the Black Bat

In a City where crime rules supreme, District Attorney Tony Quinn has the scales of justice stacked against him. When a crime boss has Tony blinded by acid, it seems that crime has won for good. But through a miracle of modern science, Tony is given the ability to see in the dark like a bat. Tony Quinn takes the guise of the Black Bat to see to it that crime pays and that the scales of justice are balanced once more.

The film centers on Tony Quinn is blinded by a crime boss's acid. Suddenly, he realizes that he is given special ability to see everything in the dark like a bat. He determines to become the Black Bat so he can protect the right. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kong K (ru) wrote: lousy plot. rather bad acting by a bunch of seasoned actors and actresses. so many technical errors just make it hard to watch. i wish more Chinese directors will show more respect to the audience .

Andruw F (gb) wrote: This movie is brilliant. Outstanding performances and characters, cinematography, editing, production value, score, and writing. Pretty solid direction, but not the highlight. Sorry that I only talked about the technical stuff. I really don't wanna spoil anything.

Kathryn R (fr) wrote: The hipster hater in me thought it was amusing in parts, but overall ... pretty damn boring!

disney f (de) wrote: STOP MAKING SEQUALS DISNEY! >:(

Diana S (ag) wrote: Great movie. Love SRK and Madhuri. What more can you ask for in a movie than having SRK, Madhuri and Aishwarya. That's why I love "Devdas" so much. The acting is great as it should be with a movie with such wonderful stars. Love the story and the music!

Matt B (gb) wrote: Not completely accurate (read...Pandolfini's character, Josh's infallible altruism, etc.) but it is probably the best chess movie ever made. It's well directed, convincingly acted, and it has a lot of heart.

Louisa E (ca) wrote: love it. spent ages tracking it down on ebay and ended up with a bad copy:-(

Diana S (nl) wrote: I love the pairing of real life husband and wife, Abhishek and Aishwarya, but "Umrao Jaan" kind of bored me. Don't get me wrong, it really is a compelling story about everything that happens to this girl as she turns into a woman but I guess I was waiting for her to catch a break. It's too depressing for my taste. On the upside, the songs are good and Ash looks beautiful performing them.

hawk l (br) wrote: Lavishly appointed, spinning a lucid account of the Arthurian legend with Robert Taylor leading a solid cast as trusted knight Sir Lancelot, the good king played by Mel Ferrer, with Queen Guenevere essayed by Ava Gardner.

Matthew B (br) wrote: "Superman II" doesn't have the same potential as the first one, but it does feature some good acting as well as having some fun action. Some the special effects are good, while there are others that look dated. The music is okay, but I rather much hear John Williams than Ken Thorne. Richard Lester's direction is fine, but I wish if the movie was balance for being serious and fun than having the movie being taken over by its camp factors. So you can say that I like Richard Donner's cut of the movie than Lester's. Nevertheless, I enjoy this cut for what it is. So take it for what is worth.

Elad A (nl) wrote: I really wanted this movie to be good, but it's just not.Jenny (Katherine Heigl) decides to marry her life partner of 5 years (Alexis Bledel) but has to come out to her parents and family, who don't take it well. The story is really about the family and not about the couple, and it's just not very well done. The characters are inconsistent, over the top and unbelievable, the editing is terrible and the entire movie just feels cheap and rushed.Is it too much to ask for a GOOD lesbian romcom?