Rise of the Dead

Rise of the Dead

In the sleepy small town of Dudley, Ohio, a terrifying future awaits. Laura is almost raped by a normal lawyer who appears to have gone crazy. When her boyfriend, Jack Walther saves her by running him over with her car, the cops don't buy the story. Things get complicated when Laura's roommate is murdered and the local police start asking questions that they can't answer

In the sleepy small town of Dudley, Ohio, a terrifying future awaits. Laura Childs (Erin Wilk) is under attack by the undead, and not even those closest to her can save her from the evil forces at hand. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rise of the Dead torrent reviews

Ann S (au) wrote: Gripping true story.

Alex P (us) wrote: boring with a silly plot..disappointing..

Mike A (ru) wrote: Few times in life do you have a movie that dishes out comedy and non stop laughs, that for a moment takes you out of your own reality; with stories and instances that we've all had happen to us at one time or another. Is it mother fucking Les Miserables? Fuck no. Is it Jay and Silent Bob had sex with Dark Vader, your mom, and your GF all wrapped in one cinematic experience? Yes. Ashley Thomas alone gives me more to fantasize about then a hot South Beach night prior to Gianni Versace's demise back in 97. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to lay eyes on her in person....or with a telescope at night. P.S. Donnie Darko needs some Putang. Badly. And not the plastic wrapped pocket pussy kind.

Kinch K (ag) wrote: Dick-Alma, Dick-Alma, ooooooh Dick-Alma

samantha J (es) wrote: I absolutely loved this movie!!! It was terrific! I loved how cliche the movie was but it was very inspirational! The fact that the movie incorporated church helped tell the story. All of the things that happened could and do happen =in a teenagers life so it was a very great film!

Noah P (fr) wrote: cutes most beautiful love story i've seen

Oliver H (gb) wrote: En ganska intetsgande och tempols film med enskilda prestationer gr ingen film... Men hg klass p delar av det filmiska hantverket - av norske filmfotografen Philip gaards - dr tillbakablickarna r filmade i en annan frgskala fr att markera dtid! Waste of time! :-(

Jordan J (mx) wrote: How do I give this 0 stars

Arash B (jp) wrote: Boring artsy-fartsy horror

Pablo E (ca) wrote: El ya clsico relato de Alan Parker respecto a la detencin de Billy Hayes en Turqua luego de ser sorprendido con hachs en la frontera. La pelcula se centra en las vivencias de Hayes en la crcel pblica de Estanbul, y sus ansias de fuga (abordar el expreso de medianoche, cmo se conoca a escaparse de la crcel). Tiene que gustarte la cultura norteamericana para que te guste el film, porque tiene crticas a la sociedad, violencia justicia de Turqua pero todo desde el punto de vista Norteamericano. Por eso es incmodo que siempre dejen a los turcos como tan malos y tontos, y se ensalce la figura de Hayes que, les guste o no, cometi un delito grave. Recomendable.

Carlos M (ag) wrote: A spectacular prison camp drama that relies on an intriguing, compelling mystery while also being quite funny and touching when showing the camaraderie between the prisoners of Barrack 4, with numerous memorable scenes that make it an unmissable classic.

Jayakrishnan R (fr) wrote: 84%Saw this on 31/10/15Double Indemnity is well made and scripted. It's got an even pace right from the start and it simply ends up being your usual crime does not pay movie. However, I don't approve of the lead actress, neither her acting nor looks attracted me. I also found her character to become unrealistic towards the end and thus leading the entire film into a down slide. The film's ending could have been better and a little less predictable. However, the dialogues of the film are interesting.

Jamey P (fr) wrote: Not your usual vampire film, Let Me In is a remake of Let the Right One In and it's effective at combining horror, scares, and intelligent story telling. So much so that if the vampire portion was removed entirely the film would still be worth watching. If you enjoy actual film making and horror films it's hard to beat this film.

charles b (fr) wrote: Impressive how relevant the story is. Impressive how well contained the story (so big in topic) remains. Impressive cinematography and direction. But it's too, too long. And Mulligan must have been exhausted making this movie, all she does is cry in it.

Omar L (jp) wrote: I love Sandra Bullock. I love Nicole Kidman. I was just so bored throughout this movie.