"Ek crore meh laitha hai RISK!". Risk! is a movie about a police inspector named Suryakanth who vows to clean up the Mumbai underworld. The police have been trying for 11 years to arrest the biggest don of the underworld, Khalid Bin Jamal. But Khalid isn't in Mumbai. He is living in Bangkok, free from the Mumbai police. Suryakanth starts killing Khalid's men in Mumbai. This alarms Khalid and he entraps Suryakanth in a bad scheme. How much risk is Suryakanth willing to take in order to catch Khalid? Watch Risk! and find out.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Risk 2007 full movies, Risk torrents movie

Modern day Bombay is ruled by Bangkok-based underworld don, Khalid Bin Jamal, who has the Home Minister, A.R. Sarang, as well as the Police Commissioner on his payroll. Khalid would like to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fong K (nl) wrote: Anthony Chen meticulously recreates the Singapore in 1997 and tells a very intimate (to Singaporeans) familiar story of a heartland family keeping it together during the financial crisis. Quietly heart-wrenching and subtly powerful, this has to be the proudest piece of filmmaking from my homeland.

Cline D (nl) wrote: Sacr (C) Sam, on ne le changera jamais ;o)

Arseniy V (jp) wrote: A film like Basquiat is an objectively brilliant piece of art whether you're a fan of the painter or not. This one, while sweet, is more for the fanboys.

Dane S (jp) wrote: So much comedic power in this film!

Venetia D (au) wrote: A bit of suspense and a bit of action without too much thinking.

Richard G (jp) wrote: This is the second greatest Seagal movie. Seagal killing and aikido skills galore! I mean, for Christ's sake, he kicks a man in the balls 11 times in a row!!!

Bruno L (fr) wrote: What's up with porn stars trying to do scary movies now? This was ridiculous.

Lena I (jp) wrote: Wonderfully written show.

Omar A (ag) wrote: Muy buena, excelente pelcula de Ozpetek!!No se dejen llevar por ese burdo cartel!Un historia llena de drama y surrealismo!Super recomendable.

Rhonda G (jp) wrote: Pretty gorey...scary but yet kinda funny

Bob H (gb) wrote: A Funny movie but it overacted a bit

Yannick D (kr) wrote: Like Sheen, the jokes have beefed up considerably. Hot Shots! Part Deux is funnier, sharper and overall superior to its weary predecessor.

Walter M (fr) wrote: In "Puncture," Jaime's(Tess Parker) got a gun, which she is using to threaten her no-good husband Mike Weiss(Chris Evans), a personal injury lawyer. Otherwise, it's a pretty normal evening, with Daryl King(Jesse L. Martin) outsourcing cases to Mike and his partner in law, Paul Danziger(Mark Kassen, who directed with Adam Kassen). Their latest case involves Vicky(Vinessa Shaw), a nurse, who after being accidentally pricked by a contaminated needle, contracted AIDS. They cannot help her since she is collecting workers' compensation but they can help her friend, Jeffrey Dancort(Marshall Bell), an engineer, who has developed a single use safety needle. In response, Paul has to remind Mike not to go on a fishing expedition, especially if it involves a white whale. "Puncture" is an object lesson in that just because a movie is based on a true story, it does not exempt it from being cliched or that it will automatically make for a compelling story, coming off as turgid as it does. For example, it is anti-drug, but only in the way that using them looks really boring. As far as the safety needles go, while this is a valid issue, they only provide enough substance for an excellent PSA, a passable episode of 'Leverage' or a decent documentary; forget a narrative film. And I've seen Chris Evans do quality work elsewhere when not wearing spandex, but he can do little right in this complex role. That leaves overqualified bit players like Vinessa Shaw and Kate Burton with the movie's best moments.

Dave K (ru) wrote: Must see film of the year