Risky Business

Risky Business

Meet Joel Goodson, an industrious, college-bound 17-year-old and a responsible, trustworthy son. However, when his parents go away and leave him home alone in the wealthy Chicago suburbs with the Porsche at his disposal he quickly decides he has been good for too long and it is time to enjoy himself. After an unfortunate incident with the Porsche Joel must raise some cash, in a risky way.

A suburban Chicago teenager's parents leave on vacation, and he cuts loose. An unauthorised trip in his father's Porsche means a sudden need for lots of money, which he raises in a creative way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel P (de) wrote: Battle In Heaven may well have some powerful, 'incendiary' imagery, but there is simply nothing of substance here. Carlos Reygadas has managed to make a film with real sex, some brutal violence and a plot involving a kidnap of a baby gone wrong and the daughter of a powerful general involved in prostitution stupefyingly dull. Scenes drag on and on - mostly involving close-ups of the lead looking blank or vistas set to music that pan 360 degrees and take 5 minutes to complete. The whole thing felt to me like a protracted art exhibit - the plot a mere afterthought. I gave this film an hour and a half of my full and undivided attention and got nothing back for it. Controversy has nothing to do with it - I don't doubt there is technical skill here - the film is simply BORING.

John G (br) wrote: A script and plot line so terrible that I have to believe it was written by hk locals. Couple that with two hotties who can take your breath away with their looks but couldn't deliver a line if the movie depended on it (and there's so much more wrong with this movie that it really doesn't matter), it's only enjoyable if you verbally jab at this monstrosity along the way.

Al M (es) wrote: Taking its title and music from metal band Cradle of Filth and starring one of its members, Cradle of Fear is a low-budget gorefest that attempts to reignite (or at least pay homage to) the horror omnibus films of the 60s, 70s, and early 80s. It features four different horrific tales filled with sex, dismemberment, and Satanism all strung together by a convicted child killer, his evil disciple, and the detective trying to solve the killings. Cradle of Fear looks terrible--it is shot-on-video trash of the cheapest kind, but it makes up for it with genuine brutality, a truly warped sense of humor, and a genuine desire to depict evil. Not great by any stretch of the term, Cradle of Fear will provide an entertaining evening for fans of super-gory cinema.

Dave J (mx) wrote: Monday, April 29, 2013 (2000) Wonder Boys COMEDY DRAMA Based on a novel written by Michael Chabon starring Michael Douglas as Professor Grady Tripp who teaches a creative writing course for students who want to become successful to write books. The professor is also a struggling writer himself and is narrating the movie. Toby MacGuire as James Leer as one of his students- a harmless but consist to have some abnormal behaviour. Katie Holmes as Hannah Green the student who happens to have a crush with her English professor and is renting one of the rooms from him. The title "Wonder Boys" is more like "Wonder Boy" without the "S" at the end since it's referring to only one student and that is the Toby McGuire character James Leer who have the potential to complete writing a book as opposed to the other students. The film also stars Robert Downey JR as the professor's publisher, and Frances McDormand as the already married wife to whom the professor got pregnant. Upon watching it the film felt like it's trying to say something but is not doing it well saying it. 2 out of 4 stars

Marsian S (kr) wrote: Very nice and unusual vampire movie, a bit funnier than i expectedI watched it with my egyptian gold scarab

Adam B (it) wrote: Decades earlier, teenagers came from outer space, and then last decade, a cat came from outer space, and now...morons come from outer space.

Valentin N (us) wrote: Some people will hate it, others love it. I find it entertaining and from times to times brilliant. Friends of Bosch will enjoy the end, alot.. Some scenes look like parafraces of late medieval paintings, easy to see where Pasolini found hes pictorial inspiration when he filmed the medieaval settings.However, not hes best movie. But well worth to see.

Raelene S (br) wrote: Average story about a company president who dies leaving everyone else to panic and fuss about trying to figure out which old sod gets his job, William Holden is in it so thats a good thing but the story is a little tiresome.

Dave J (br) wrote: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 (1949) Follow Me Quietly THRILLER/ SUSPENSE Film's a little identical to David Fincher's breakthrough hit "Se7en" which centers on a serial killer who kills during rainy nights and the Lt whose obsessed in capturing him! Film is not bad with a happy ending but they're so many like it, already made before! Also, they're also some minor loopholes in terms of proper police procedure! 2.5 out of 4

Russell S (nl) wrote: With a cripling budget it's amazing that this movie is even as watchable as it is. The script is somewhat clunky and the big action scenes simply do not have the scope they require. What's there is certainly ok if taken at face value. Not a terrible movie just very "undernourished".

Najd G (ca) wrote: Timothy Olyphant plays the villain fantastically.