Rita, a blind child, shelters a boy on the run who suddenly breaks into her home. It's a mysterious, enigmatic meeting that lets Rita experience a brief moment of freedom.

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Rita torrent reviews

Tessah J (kr) wrote: This is a great movie with an inspiring story, but most of all it's a glimpse into the lives of some truly exceptional people who possess remarkable strength, in all capacities. Highly recommended!

MirIam H (ag) wrote: Good movie . Cuba Gooding was great.

Mark P (au) wrote: This movie was better than the critics will say, because of the subtle greatness. Keira Knightley makes any movie better. She is simply classy, elegant and sexy in a subtle way. Without her delivery in this movie, it wouldn't be that good, but she makes it so. The ending is a bit sad, of course, but we knew all along this would happen, so it was okay. I liked this a lot.

Zahid C (ag) wrote: Day: Saturday.Date: 3 May 2008Amt: 120/-Time: 2.00 PmOver at: 5.45 PmWith: AiswaryaSeat No. J10 J11Theatre: Sterling Cineplex, MumbaiThe movie was good fun though not worth the hype. It was good to see Saif and Akshay back in action together, Kareena was hot and Anil was mind blowing as usual with all that Hinglish dialogues. The action was a over the head, story was not there and songs were Ok.

Annette D (ag) wrote: howard hesseman is the star, ben affleckis annoying..and amber valletta is just good looking

Eduardo C (ru) wrote: Surprised there haven't been more films about the Godhand.

Chris H (ca) wrote: Tons of logic leaps, poor special effects, and a downright derpy Godzilla design make this kaiju movie a colossal bore.

Cade H (ru) wrote: I am usually not a big fan of Vince Vaughn but in this thriller he actually played a very convincing bad guy. The premise was simple and to the point and created some very suspenseful and thrilling moments. I was a little let down with the fact that some things were a little unrealistic in how police and others acted. It was very predictable but even with that, I enjoyed it and really loved the final moments of the film. This wasn't one of Travolta's best but its not a bad watch one to watch.

James W (it) wrote: pretty good twist and a great story line. there is little action but it's good.

Charity M (us) wrote: A cute old fashioned Christmas story.

Josh S (ca) wrote: Definitely an interesting take on the genre, that really hasn't been attempted the same way since. And honestly, the wooden bullets thing makes SO much more sense than say, the Underworld films with their sunlight bullets or whatever.

Bill B (it) wrote: A waste of my valuable leisure time which would of been better served sleeping. I had guests over and we chose it because someone heard it was a good movie. It wasn't. Rateing - 1 star = less fun than a Deep Frying machine infomercial. I want my two hours of my life back

Adele C (gb) wrote: I wish this whole movie had been about Cherie Currie's character, and that none of the other girls--or Randy Quaid--were in it.

James M (ca) wrote: An okay sequel to The Love Bug.

Adam R (it) wrote: The first movie with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall is not all it is cracked up to be. I wanted to like it more than I did, but was mostly bored and uninterested in the plot. I don't understand the comparison to Casablanca. Other than a similar setting, and Bogart, the two couldn't be more different. (First and only viewing - 6/14/2016)

Brett A (nl) wrote: Too much focus on action, weak story. But John Travolta was pretty cool.

Derrick A (ru) wrote: You know, I actually expected this to be worse than it was.