River of Darkness

River of Darkness

When brutal murdering starts in a small riverside town, the sheriff must investigate and face the horrific past.

When mysterious evil invades a quiet river town, sheriff Logan is confronted with a series of horrific murders, each more vicious than the last. He has no choice other than investigate the case and faces up with danger... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant S (br) wrote: Dull. Slow-moving and really doesn't add much. If you know absolutely nothing about the JFK assassination, yes, it is worth watching. Otherwise, it's a waste of time.

Ross D (au) wrote: This might be the worst movie I've ever witnessed. My nephew in 6th grade that has no prior work on film could have directed and edited this and made this movie better.

Mloy X (ca) wrote: Collyer's Mother (Barbara Jefford): Beware of passion, Hester. It always leads to something ugly. Hester Collyer (Rachel Weisz): What would you replace it with? Collyer's Mother (Barbara Jefford): A guarded enthusiasm. It's safer. Brilliant! The cast were superb, especially Rachel Weisz who can make a character like Hester Collyer be infuriating, needy, and selfish one moment and then lost, vulnerable, fragile and sympathetic the next. She was absolutely enigmatic; you loved and hated her just the same! Tom Hiddleston was also wonderful (especially when Freddie leaves for Rio); everything that Freddie couldn't say in words, he spoke volumes with his eyes-- that was such a beautiful scene. It was interesting and refreshing how there were no clear heroes or villains in this film; the characters were multi-faceted and they were all flawed in some way, shape or form but all similarly trying to deal with their individual unhappiness the best they could. The pacing of this film was definitely a little glacial but the languidness just serves to enhance the overall tone of the film and each character's dissatisfaction with their lives. This film was definitely a bit more cerebral than most of the token-shoot-them-up-summer-blockbusters which tends to overcompensate for the lack of depth, content or acting by the enormity of the body count, property damage or explosions; this film actually encourages its audience to read between the lines, think for themselves and draw their own conclusions, instead of being spoon-fed answers.

Amy N (us) wrote: This film actually managed to shake me up a bit. Frightfully disturbing tortures and unsettling demonic cult references- I'm glad I didn't watch this alone!

Camille D (au) wrote: Non j'avoue je n'ai pas encore vu ce film lol

Peter P (nl) wrote: Cute with a nice little story and some funny things in the story for adults as well, and you got to love a dog that sounds like Drew Barrymore. My kids also loved it, and that is really why it gets so high a score.

Mike P (gb) wrote: why watch this Bill Pullman crap, when ALLIGATOR exists

Atheer O (fr) wrote: Mixed cartoon and live action isn't my cup of tea but this one is pretty enjoyable.

Meily M (us) wrote: Amazing cinematography

Cameron F (it) wrote: Sequel to the 1986 hit comedy is more of the same minus the original cast. Stevens returns as the developer of number five but unfortunately the plot gives him nothing to do and he's all but gone off screen for fifty minutes.

bill s (br) wrote: A funny sweet coming of age comedy whose heart is in the right place.

Cayden N (jp) wrote: If you go in with a light heart and open mind you will have an enjoyable experience. But there will be those who do not understand its charm. Outrageous for the most part but in a smart and witty way I found myself laughing much more than I thought I was going to. The cast definitely does not disappoint as well, and if you watch movies as much as I do you'll recognize many of them.

Ronald V (gb) wrote: Barbara Stiesand so good and funny :)) must see!

Jaime L (it) wrote: These films getting worse and worse don't they? Just when I was hoping for a continued upswing after enjoying HMSS I got to watch this piece of crap. I'd like to just point out Roger Moore doing a good job taking over full time from Sean Connery but any skill he may have been able to show was vastly overshadowed by a dumb movie with dumb forgettable bad guys who were portrayed in a way that makes me wonder if I should find them racist or not. On top of stereotypes it is taking this stuff seriously. Voodoo? Tarot Cards? Being dealt as if they were real? Was quite awful to watch.Then it got even worse with the introduction of the Louisiana sheriff. That character was one of the most embarrassing things I had to see on screen. I guess this was supposed to be funny but it just made cringe.Then was the finale. Sharks again? Really? Alligators were bad enough earlier on but the film couldn't even stay original and had to take from a previous Bond film. Lazy writing and doing its part to add up into the worst Bond film I've seen so far. Congrats movie.

Paul N (ru) wrote: More creepiness & less half-baked melodrama would've made this the classic it should be, rather than uneven tedium. Some genuinely creepy shots here and there, but not enough to sustain a horror story.