Road Games

Road Games

Summertime and the living is deadly! Abner Pastoll channels AND SOON THE DARKNESS and MUMSY, NANNY, SONNY & GIRLY with his tense thriller feature debut set in rural France that touches every twisted nerve. When hitchhiker Jack rescues Véronique from a road rage altercation, the twosome decide to travel together for safety’s sake after learning a serial killer is cutting a murderous swathe through the region. Tired and hungry, they decide against their better judgment to take up an offer to stay the night at a mysterious elderly couple’s mansion…

After a disastrous summer trip, Jack finds himself hitchhiking through the sun-drenched rural French countryside. But it takes a dark turn when Jack and another hitchhiker Véronique become inexplicably entangled with a mysterious married couple and a serial killer who is apparently stalking these roads. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Colette G (de) wrote: Stunning visuals paired with Velcrow Ripper's signature soundscape. An inspiring film with lots of heart.

Jan v (br) wrote: In short: Entertaining unpredictable story about neighborly behavior, and taking action when police doesn't I saw this film at the Ghent filmfestival 2012. The announcement text in the festival brochure sounded intriguing, and promised a series of surprising as well as disturbing turns of events. It worked out different from what I expected, but still surprising and disturbing alike. Imagine a well-to-do couple buying a new house in what looks like a classy neighborhood. On one side a young couple with one little daughter, with whom they make friends easily, even to the extent that they make a small door in the fence to allow the kid walking in and out when she wants to.On the other side is a house that looks disorderly, to say the least, inhabited by an antisocial man (called "King" for short) who receives even-so antisocial people on a daily (and even nightly) basis. Loud parties, drug deals, fights et cetera keep the newly moved couple from their badly needed sleep. They call the police from time to time when the noise from the neighbors borders on unbearable, as law abiding citizens should do, but it has no effect whatsoever. They approach the neighbor and try to reason with him, but his reaction shows a total lack of communication, and the dialog doesn't lead to anything useful. Some people tell them to stop bothering, and to buy earplugs to solve the problem.You easily sympathize with the couple, while observing how desperation creeps up gradually. Finally they reach a point where they decide to take action. Their plan is to hide some of their silverware in the neighbor's house when he is away, and to call in the police. Their hope is that he gets arrested and disappears for some time. Being amateur burglars it proves not that easy for the faint of heart to break into someone else's house by night. Some hilarious scenes show how they eventually get in. For spoiler's sake this is as far as my synopsis goes. Expect the unexpected after that.I very much like the way the couple is portrayed as proud house owners and their fruitless steps to deal with the nuisance their neighbors cause, initially by calling the police, later on by trying to reason with the neighbor. It all leads to more despair, thus needing desperate actions. You only can ponder how you would act yourself in such a situation. Hopefully it remains a thought experiment, to never come true in the real world.All in all, this film can be considered quality entertainment. Do not try to think more of it. However, I found the final scenes a bit far fetched, more than necessary depending on caricatures. I had expected the scenario writers to get more out of the finale. But that is easy for me to say from my comfy chair. The rest of the scenario is well thought out, including the good versus bad neighbors contrast.

Dane W (de) wrote: Wash rinse and repeat and it's the same as the original, but worst. The Characters are annoying and feel out of sink with the ones in the comic and previous installments. Some Moments are unforeseen, but that doesn't save Spider-Man from his own film

Mark A (kr) wrote: An excellent bio-pic of the primitive artist, Seraphine de Senlis (the fabulous Yolande Moreau), who heard voices that told her to paint the most intricate, beautiful paintings taken from nature. She came to the attention of an art critic and collector, Wilhelm Unde (Ulrich Tukur) who eventually championed her work in France. The strength of Ms Moreau's performance is what made this film for this viewer. She is phenomenal, capturing the single-minded purpose with which she carried out her duties, her navet (C), her devious nature, and her incredible talent as an artist. Everyone else merely inhabits the frame. Ms Moreau commands it.

Dave H (jp) wrote: Aren't all of his movies about the same. Blah blah blah kick some Ass. They are vaying in entertainment but all the same movie.

Claire L (gb) wrote: I don't understand why no one seems to like this movie. Yes, it's kind of corny at times and the characters aren't necessarily the brightest people in the world, but it's entertaining enough to keep you engaged to whole way through and the characters trick you into falling in love with them even though the decisions they make are pretty terrible. I love it.

Jeff Z (ru) wrote: Chuck Heston is saving the world again only this time he's not fighting apes, he's fighting Japanese. The all-star cast really helps this WWII epic. Interestingly james Coburn is billed 3rd yet he was one of the smallest parts in the film. Holbrook is good, as is Heston, Fonda, Mitchum and Ford. Toshiro Mifune is annoyingly dubbed by Paul Frees however and the soap opera aspects of this film with Edward Albert and his Japanese girlfriend (not to mention the bad soap opera love story with heston and his girl shot and added for the TV version of the film) are low points. Read Walter Lord's "Miracle Victory" then watch this film. It will enhance your viewing.

D M (ag) wrote: A short sequel about a army man who went super-retard after getting nuked and growing 10x his size. He moved to Mexico and lives in the mountains and feeds off Mexican farm deliveries. Then the US Army brings him to the US where he gets out and acts the fool. Seriously about 25% of the movie was from the original movie! Believe it or not I didnt watch the MST3K version of this one either for some dumb reason.

Art S (ca) wrote: Mizoguchi's final film is an expose about prostitution (still legal at the time) and the sad causes and consequences for five women. Melodramatic and harrowing at times, but also ambivalent in tone, recognizing that for these troubled women, few options existed to earn a decent wage in less stigmatizing professions. Occasional psychotronic music for emphasis.

Tiberio S (es) wrote: The characters are all dumb and extremely overreactive. The lead feels like a supporting character, and it's silly that there are attractive women fighting over him. This is one of those films where the plot points are too heavy; they sound alright on paper, but played out, they're a stretch of the imagination. We have a problem with tenants -- kill them. We're standing next to each other -- are we going to get married now? The police are going to arrest me -- I must gunfight them and die for all of you people I didn't care about and threatened to kill most of the movie. Melodramatic not-so-neorealist absurdity is how I'd best define this piece.

Kenny V (ag) wrote: David Tennant is brilliant as Hamlet!

Mark James A (fr) wrote: ...a highly engaging and enjoyable animated feature.

David L (mx) wrote: Transformers: Dark of the Moon has no plot, no emotions, no heart and no brain. But, it has robots, a model and awesome special effects. Will they ever learn?!

Nathan R (au) wrote: Not only an accurate portrayal of the famous college experiment, but an excellent viewing experience.What happens to us when we're given power over others? Are we naturally corrupt... or can we be corrupted? That's only a couple of questions raised by the experiment itself, which ends up clarifying just how easy it is for humans to become less than human in any given situation. What is discovered is that people, when given too much authority, will naturally abuse it.A very valuable experiment in not only the police force, but for abusive relationships in general, and the brutality of man when he believes he is superior to others.