Road Kill

Road Kill

A supernatural thriller about a group of teenagers menaced by a driver-less train in the Australian outback.

A supernatural thriller about a group of teenagers menaced by a driver-less train in the Australian outback. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leo P (ru) wrote: Very flat plot, I kept waiting for that "one moment" and it never came. Was really hoping for more.

Michelle F (br) wrote: Utterly heartbreaking

Orlok W (it) wrote: Engaging Korean mystery/thriller with a very good build up!!

Ross C (jp) wrote: Surprisingly good fun for a low-budget TV movie, but then again British sci-fi usually excels under these conditions.

Zachary W (fr) wrote: I was sixteen when I saw Trick 'r treat and it was enough time for me to let the Halloween atmosphere develope around me. The movie made me laugh at some points, it made me jump back into my seat at other points. It's right behind the original Friday the 13th and A nightmare on Elm Street as one of my favorite Halloween films of all time.

Carleschi W (de) wrote: Apres avoir realise sa celebre trilogie Un couple epatant, Cavale et Apres la vie ou autour d'une meme histoire il avait cree trois films dans trois (visions) genres differents, la comedie, le thriller, et le film dramatique, Belvaux dans "La raison du plus faible" reunit les trois en un seul film, tour a tour on rigole, on s'emeut, et on palpite pour ce groupe de pieds nickeles envisageant de monter un braquage pour sortir de leur condition social etouffante et prendre en partie une revanche sur ce travail dans les usines, les ayant laisse petit a petit sur le carreau. Un tres beau film.

Jonathan C (jp) wrote: I only want to see so that i can make fun of it and also to see mia farrow

Bill D (ca) wrote: So bad it is funny. Three scenes stand out and they all involve Jesus fighting vampires and atheists. No kidding, the second coming takes place in Ottawa!

Ethan H (de) wrote: Just awful. Can see why this was a TV movie.

Hnter G (kr) wrote: I neeeeeed to see Mandingo!

Justin T (ca) wrote: John Wanye's response to the great western High Noon would have been as bad as his Green Berets movie if not for the direction of Howard Hawks, who sticks true to his mantra "three good scenes and no bad ones" for a movie. it lacks the conciseness of High Noon but at times is an excellent character study and entertaining film. i even see glimpses of Sergio Leone in the films score paving the way for a new generation of westerns.

IHasApples 6 (us) wrote: So Awful........ I can't even......

Ed C (es) wrote: One line summary: Mud, in all categories.-------------------------------- Growing up in Romania young Viktor joined organised crime to stay alive and pay off bills. This segment was long, violent without purpose, dreary, boring, and hopefully relevant at some point. Viktor hopes to align himself with a different crime group in the UK after being betrayed by his old group. Lots of fighting and killing ensues. He gets to meet some of his childhood acquaintances, and deal with an old issue or two. Does he do better with this group?------Scores------- Cinematography: 5/10 Good some of the time, but wobbly more often. The sepia segments I could have done without entirely. There were entirely too many minutes spent where no one is doing anything and the horrid music plays. Sound: 5/10 Yikes. The sound level of conversation tends to be too low, and has accompanying buzz/hiss. This is not an asset. Incidental music is jarring and irritating. Acting: 5/10 Stale, cliched, boring. I did not believe Luke Goss for a minute. Since he is the centre of the piece, that is rather annoying. The other actors do not make up for it. Versus Daniel Craig, or Matt Damon, or Jason Statham, or Brad Pitt, or Gerard Butler, or even Aaron Eckhart, this guy is an emotionless, empty scarecrow to be blown away. I cannot imagine him accomplishing anything useful. Screenplay: 6/10 Long on development, short on delivery.

Ilja S (fr) wrote: Mulan is just great. Everything about this movie is awesome. It is fun, griddy, heartfell, thrilling, and it tell an amazing story.

carl j (au) wrote: How did they get this cast? Where did this movie come from? I loved it - my friends loved it - is it buried for some reason? Please resurface this beautiful film.

anomaly (kr) wrote: The build up is well executed, however the pay off is dull and uninteresting.

Irvin C (nl) wrote: I wonder why this movie isn't more popular than it is. It stars John Wayne, it's directed by Howard Hawks, one of the greats and it features an unforgettable score by Henry Mancini which includes the piece "Baby Elephant Walk" which is way more popular than this film. Add to that the fact that it's really a fun, delightful and superbly crafted film. It's about a group of men and women who make their living capturing wild African animals for zoos. Sure, it's vaguely politically incorrect (but a lot of films of this era are, though) and the animal capturing sequences may upset PeTA supporters but it still doesn't change the fact that those sequences are quite impressively shot (because they're REAL, no CGI here!) and just as rousing and exciting (and in many cases even MORE exciting) than any modern era action sequences. Oh, and it's also really, really funny! It's very light and breezy and more character than plot-driven. It's something that they hardly make any more. It's a wonderful, wonderful film. I like "Baby Elephant Walk" a whole lot more now.