An insurance agent's greedy girlfriend with a taste for mink leads him to a life of crime.

An L.A. insurance detective starts to get involved with a girl he is increasingly attracted to, even though he sees her as a chiseller. She makes it clear that her tastes are too expensive ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Roadblock torrent reviews

Westleigh Q (ru) wrote: After growing up with the brilliant Bruce Timm era of DC cartoons and comics, these latest movies just seem like pale reflections.

Jordan C (ca) wrote: Again I was looking for just a comedy to get some laughs...this had a few, and quite a few of famous cougars as well. It was entertaining, but nothing noteworthy...just another national lampoon movie that just doesn't rise very high, like most of the national lampoon movies these days.

Cole F (br) wrote: Funny and charming Disney entertainment!

Kyle E (ru) wrote: The GOOD: Simple enough plot for a simple enough action movie. The premise (though absurd) is interesting enough to get you excited, but not too convoluted to lose you. I enjoyed the action and the creativity of the badass cars! Also, Tyrese Gibson's performance is rather unexpectedly respectable. The BAD: This movie suffers from a clear lack of budget. Substandard cinematography and poor writing throughout. Also, the movie seemed to take itself a bit too seriously...and not seriously enough at the same time. Statham and Natalie Martinez wanted the movie to be gritty, serious, and grounded. On the flip-side, the acting and writing for Joan Allen's and Clarke's characters are so ridiculously bad, I couldn't tell if the movie was aiming to be humorous! Koehler, the comic relief I suspect, never made me laugh or smile once. Should you see it? Go in with the expectation of seeing of seeing "just another action movie" and walk away feeling moderately satisfied.

gary t (it) wrote: wow umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch....its got a good cast throughout this movie....i think that patrick swayze (.R.I.P.), michael ironside, marvin j mcintyre, diane ladd, halle berry, josh lucas, adrienne barbeau, bob gunton, brian bosnall play good roles/parts throughout this movie.....i think that the director of this comedy/drama movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie...i think that this is a good movie 2 watch n its really enjoyable movie

Peter S (kr) wrote: what a classic film of the 80's, a must buy for anyone with a sense of humour.....great stuff

Kirk E (gb) wrote: Quite possibly the most disturbing movie I've ever seen. Like watching the worst of all holiday specials while on a peyote bender.

Jeff W (mx) wrote: ??Chan is Missing?? is the sophomore film from acclaimed (sorta) director Wayne Wang (best known for ??The Joy Luck Club??, and ??Smoke??). It??s a very small film which tells a simple story of two cab drivers who are looking for a man named Chan who allegedly disappeared with their money. However what the film really becomes is a\one of the most brilliant commentaries on cultural contact I have seen on film. Set in San Francisco and about Chinese- Americans trying to live their life in America. It??s really a story about real Chinese-Americans living in the United States, not the stereotypical characters shown in films and television at the time (the film was made in 1982). Despite some poor acting from some of the small characters, who are obviously not actors but more friends and family doing the director a favor, the film is very real feeling. Exceptional acting from our two leads gives the film a real documentary feel, as does the extras in the background looking directly into the lens.To elaborate more on the basis of the film, Moy and Hayashi play Jo and Steve. An Uncle/nephew pair who decide to start up their own cab company, and accept the help of a friend of Jo??s named ??Chan??. He is in charge of the financial arrangements, but unfortunately when he is to deliver their $4000 he ends up MIA. So Jo and Steve decide to take on their own investigation onto the whereabouts of their missing business associates. The adventure takes them (and the viewer along) around the streets of San Francisco??s Chinatown. Not long after the concept of the lost money itself gets lost in the onslaught of political and cultural problems of them and their friends and families life. This could be enough to turn some viewers off. However this is also part of the films charm.Like I said the acting from Hayashi and Moy is superb. Especially Wood Moy, a small round droopy looking man who steals your admiration almost immediately. You cannot help but like him. He is also the perfect counter for the young enthusiastic, smart cracking Marc Hayashi. The chemistry between the pair is spot on. Chan is Missing could almost be an Asian-American ??Clerks?? or ??Slacker??. It is especially reminiscent of Clerks (though it arrived almost a decade earlier) when it come to its charm!

HM F (nl) wrote: Its worth watching just for the cast; where else are you going to find Sean Connery playing a cowboy and Woody Strode an Indian warrior? The movie has great potential with its scenario of aristocrats trapped in the inhospitable West and director Dmytryk does mine it for some visual fun early on in the movie, but its all soon an afterthought. It must be said, Bardot looks incredible. Seriously, she does. It more then justifies this movie, that's how good. Poor Honor Blackman is cast in a role that is unsuited to her more natural tough instincts. Indeed its strange to see her getting slapped around by Indians; you wonder why she doesn't just drop kick them all. Its worth it for the Western aficionado, just skip the theme song.

Brad D (ca) wrote: My all time favorite movie!!

Brett B (fr) wrote: A really strange mid-sixties comedy. Sellers and O'Toole make a surprisingly entertaining pair, but the supporting players don't rise to their level, and Woody Allen (who is also responsible for the bizarre, scatterbrained screenplay) feels like he belongs in a completely different movie.